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You said you will never let go


09 Apr, 2010 11:22 AM

we started as friends,then lovers,you made me feel so complete,you made my dreams come true,when I was afraid Ill run to you,and you will hold me in your arms as u promised me you will never let go......
For the past two years its been crazy Maquel.We where always on and off,work always got in the way,you toured the world with your band,and I always stayed at home waiting for you.
I remembered when you came back from tour,I always waited for you on the front lawn,seeing you smile just brought happiness into my life,it was worth the wait for 5 months.
But their where times when the rock and roll life got in the way,fame ,girls,drugs,and fights between me and you.You where amazed that I held onto you through those hard times,I think you forgot that I said I will always be there.
Then one night you left with short notice,you had to leave again and didnt know when you will be back,so I waited, days, weeks, months until one day you called,I was happy to hear your voice again I wanted to tell you how much I loved you,but instead you went first,you said....
to forget about you,to leave you alone, not to wait for you, you sad horrible things to me so I can get mad at you.
but it didnt hurt one cancelled the call and I never heard from you again.
weeks past by,I find out your coming back,I waited again,when I saw that bus pull up I started runing towards you but instead I see someone else around your arms,someone happy,someone thats been their when I wasnt around. My heart fell into pieces,I started to cry,and looked the other way.
the next day you came by my house to talk,we talked about the phone call,we talked about are day,and we talked about her.
you met someone else,you met a person that understood you,a person that told you she "will always be their".
I remember someone else said the same thing......
you wanted me to be happy,to live a life, that you didnt want me to wait for you,that I didnt deserve such pain,that I need someone with me 24 hours a day.You want to see me happy.
I remember walking away from you so you wont see the tears falling down my cheeks,I wanted to scream,but instead walked away
Im hurt,but I dont hate you,I just didnt understand what went wrong.
You promised me that you will never let me go,but you did.
tell me the reality is better then the dream.

Tags: Sad, Lost, Love
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