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Grandmothers Death - Cancer


03 Apr, 2010 02:11 AM

For years she has been to sick to walk up-stairs to her bedroom to sleep. We've had to order a hospital bed, and a wheel chair for her and put it in the living room. She is afraid to be by herself and she has fought through hard times of poverty and violence. Yesterday she was 63, today she would be 64..
It seems like it was only yesterday when I saw her face, the sad lonely look gleaming from her eyes, the fear of dying from day-to-day. She was a loving women who gave and never received. She had many illnesses. Stage 4 Cancer, Diabetes, Low Blood Pressure, Pain, Paralyzed Left Lung, One Working Kidney, along with many other problems that left many doctors pondering to their self, "How does she keep going?"

Day 1:
One day, she went to the hospital with an asthma attack. I thought nothing of it because we had always taken her about one time every week, "It's just another night, Sam. She will be fine," I thought to myself.

Day 2:
A little worried, but I thought to myself, "Mom will bring her back by tomorrow, for sure." as I go about my daily routines.

Day 3:
Our family was called over, fearing that she would not live to see the next day. The hospital kept her drugged, she could barely understand our words or speak for that matter. She would answer our questions with a slight nod, which was hardly noticeable.

Day 4:
School was tomorrow, tonight I had to go home and rest. I kissed my Grandmother on the forehead and uttered the words, "Goodnight Granny, I love you.." with a tuckered out tone.

Day 5:
5:00 in the morning, mother came home and woke me up, "Every thing will be okay sweetie," she said, with tears rolling down her eyes, "it will all be okay." I went back to sleep with a hope of it being a dream...
10:00 in the morning, I woke up and rushed downstairs in hopes to see her sweet face again, around the corner I peaked my head, looking at the spot where her bed is and no one was in it. I immediately asked every one, "Where's Granny at!?", they replied with no lies, "She.. she's dead.."

I did not know the meaning of death at that time. I couldn't believe that someone could 'die' at all. All I could think was, "Out of all the things she put up with before, Cancer kills her." I was 12 years old and had never even thought of the word 'death'. Ever since that day death has been all around me, it seems like no matter what I do I can't escape it. It's only a matter of time before others follow, along with myself..

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kayla dube says:
09 Apr, 2010 12:54 PM

awe:( soooooo saddddd!!!

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