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one more chance please (kinda long)


31 Mar, 2010 07:13 AM

One day I walk across the hall in my school and I was really happy but turned out that my day got ruin, just because everyone started to tease me and my boyfriend just because they never had a relationship but I got over with that day and I found out that there was another couple in my grade. That were the 2 only couples in my grade (unbelievable). Later we have a 4 night school trip and I was surprise that he came up to me during the school trip and told me that I have change his life into a better place and I smiled. During that day the teachers found out about the two relationship, soon after dinner they divide the girls and boys into this separate room. Both girls and boys had to talk about the two relationship. It was the worst night because they told my mom and I was told to break up with him and never talk to him unless it's a class group project. After the trip, the morning of school I came to talk to him and he wanted to say that his mom wants him to break up with me and never talk to me unless a class project. We never bothered to care about the situation. One month later we were still going out but it came up to the point I want to let go of him but when I was to talk to him I said he can talk first but he gave me a necklace with a gem on it. I didn't know what to tell him then. So I didn't break up with him yet, the next day I broke up with him. He ask why and I answered because I felt that it's the point to let go of him.
I still had feelings for him but I don't even realize he loves me so much so I let go of him. The day I dumped him the other couple also broke up and that guy who just broke up ask me to the dance that is happening the next day. The next day we started going out and I didn't feel anything, I didn't feel like the way I felt with my ex-boyfriend. After 2 months later I found out that there was this girl who started liking him. And the whole time I found out that I was used and that one reason he never kissed me. So he dumped me and I felt nothing and I let go of my stress. A month later I found my necklace with the gem and begged my ex-ex-boyfriend to take me back because I finally realize that he has been by my side the whole time. He cared about me but he said I won't go back with you and I cried and cried and cried the whole time and felt how he felt when I left him. Years later I met him and we started going out again, after a year he ask me to move in and I was really happy and I said I will be late and left him at the park. I was late for one of my class and later in that class I found out that I had to go and never told him because I was busy and I had no time and it came to the point where I had to go learn and he thought I just left him again but later when I came back he ignore my text, my calls, my letter and that was it he said I swear to god I'm done with her and I cried and cried and cried my life has been miserable till now.

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Trinaa Anna says:
10 Apr, 2010 01:14 PM

thats so sad :( im sorry for that

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Cheyenne says:
02 Aug, 2010 04:45 AM

didn't that was in other story about how her boyfriend was in a relationship with another girl for a year and she always said didn't?

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