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Time to let go </3


06 May, 2011 08:22 AM
The link above is the first story. This story is the sequel. Read the first one before you read this.

Trust is the key in a perfect relationship. Even though Blair and Dylan weren't together at the time they still needed to trust each other. Blair trusted Dylan. She trusted that he would keep his word on getting back together. He broke that promise. He found someone else. Her name is Haley. At the time Haley was in a relationship. But then that relationship split. So Haley decided she needed someone else to mess around with. Haley found Dylan. But Haley didn't know that Blair (her so called friend) still loved Dylan. And Dylan "supposedly" loved Blair. They "supposedly" were gonna get back together. But then Haley came around and had Dylan wrapped around her finger. When Blair found out Haley and Dylan were dating she honestly wanted to die. SHE LOVED DYLAN. Haley didn't even ask if it was okay if she and Dylan went out. Blair now knows not to believe in love. Never ever fall for someone who isn't willing to catch you. Blair is now going to let go. It may be hard but she WILL accomplish it. </3 4.15.10 = Never again.

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