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Mike part 2


06 Apr, 2018 04:18 PM

Things have been different lately and I couldn't understand why, well now I know. Mike hasn't came over for about a week or so and didn't contact me. Me and my landlords wife had to go to Dixon to get him some concrete for his work and he was acting normal. Well this is where things ended.

His birthday was on Saturday and he was suppost to come over that day so I bought him clothes and got cake mix to make him a cake,he ends up calling and saying he's gonna be right over well he never came. And I was really hurt and I didn't know why he was avoiding me.

Well on Thursday of last week, I seen him at his friends,And I tell him i have stuff for his birthday to give him and he says I don't think you want to give me that and I questioned why and he said because I messed around with someone and I said who and he's like just some chick. My world fell apart I just wanted to scream right there and then I didn't know what to do at that point. He then had the nerve to tell me I love you Bella and told me he would come and talk to me and tell me everything.

I waited days and nights for him to show up he never came,Well a couple days ago he pulls up to the house and I felt like there was something off because he was just sitting there and normally he would come out and already be at the door well I see the passenger door open and I see his new gf get out of the car and my heart sank I was so devasted and felt so disrespected. And I left with my landlords wife to work because I couldn't be there. And as we were driving off he looked at me and put his hands up like what are you doing and I flipped him off. I called my friend and she gave him the phone and I said you take to talk to me and you bring her and he said no I didn't come to talk to you and basically denied that he told me he was coming to talk to me.

I haven't seen him since and my heart is healing but it's still broken I feel like I never meant anything to him with in those 7 months we were together I feel like I lost everything but I realized that he is a sorry excuse of a man.

Well, things have changed,and he's been coming over with his girlfriend and thank God I haven't be here to be around them. Well yesterday Saturday April 21st, he called me and asked me how I'm doing and what I've been up too and said he missed me and I cried so much after I talked to him he is still hurting me and he's suppost to come by and talk to me and once again I'm waiting around.

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