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01 Apr, 2018 04:14 AM

This person I'm going to mention use to be my best friend, but her and I go way back, here's how it all started.

Back in 2015, Halloween night I was with my ex Chris and he mentions to me that his ex girlfriend found a new girl and that Chris had been sleeping with her, I hated her and I hated him well I met her that night and when I first seen her I wasn't threatened at all she was huge and I was like no comparison. So we met and we became friends and she had my back whenever I needed her.
She started becoming jealous of me and jealous of how Chris was treating me she didn't like that he would have sex with me and not her the sad part is he never liked her he just used her for sex like me. But he actually loved me. And we were homeless in a park and he treated me so much better and she hated that.

She tried to control my life and tried to control me and tried to tell me what to do and she thought she was helping me but she wasn't she made things alot worse and I couldn't stand it. She would come over to see me and bitch about how many miles she was going on her car and she was just the worst.

I had to hide stuff from her because she would go through my phone and not give it back and judged me on everything i did. I tried to like her and I just can't anymore she is too much of a judgmental person. I'm glad she isn't my friend anymore. I could never tell her anything without her yelling at me and trying to control the situation.

Like for example when I went to the police station to press charges against my ex she came with me and tried to make it all about her when I was the one dealing with the situation. The spotlight had to be on her all the time and she kept telling me that he gave me a disease because she had something and that's because she sleeps with everyone. She even wanted to sleep with my boyfriend. She trys to be miss perfect and she isn't.

I now I have to pick my friends carefully and not associate with people like her.

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