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March 1st 2018


09 Mar, 2018 08:43 AM

It was about 9:00 I got a message from my ex boyfriend Chris,he wanted to come pick me up so I can go over to his house and help him clean and have sex of course. I had a feeling something was going to happen I kept getting butterflies and things just didn't seem Okay.

He picked me up,and we went to his work so he can pick up his check then headed towards his house but made a few stops on the way,we get to his house and he tells me he has to deactivate his cameras and he told me to wait while he did that.

We were watching a movie and eating taco bell,then we had sex and it was the best we ever had. We then got up to take a shower,and then he cleaned up and got out of the shower and I went to clean myself up and all of the sudden I hear wtf Chris.!! I didn't know where it was coming from I thought it was my friend because she was gonna be coming over.

The bathroom door opened and then the shower door opened and I see a woman standing there and it happened to be Chris sugar mama aka girlfriend. And my heart dropped I just felt sick to my stomach. She kept yelling at him and he was lying to her telling her things that just wasn't true.

I ended up leaving and just crying my eyes out,my friend picked me up from the gas station and we went back to his house and she and I confronted the girl and told her everything that was going on and she just stood there and acted like it wasn't a big deal.and I felt so stupid and just felt like it was a waste of time.

We ended up leaving and I just remember looking at him and wanting to just scream and hit him but I couldn't.a couple days later he texted me and is now trying to be with me and that girl. My heart is tired of playing games.

I'm tired of loving someone that hurt me And the worst part was she tired to fight me and he had to hold her back.he didn't care how I was feeling just her. She pays for everything even his house she will always be special and I always be nothing to him. But that's okay I don't want to love a narracstic.

Tags: Heartbroken
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