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08 Feb, 2018 04:01 AM

This year was suppose to be a fresh start well things turned for the worst,here's my story.

January 21st,it was a normal day,my mom had took my grandma to the store and to get food I was at the house watching the kids my mom came back sat down on the bed and we were talking,she then tells me she's tired and goes to lay down well that was the last time she was alive, she had cardiac arrest and was in a coma for about a month and survived off of life support for a week. She died February 16th 2017 that's when my life fell apart.

April to about June I was homeless with my best friend and my ex boyfriend, he told me he would take care of me and that everything was going to be okay me and my friend slept at a park and I lost my family and everything in my life I had no one but them. We always had to walk to the gas station to get food and use the bathroom, sometimes he let us in the house to sleep and shower when his roommate went to work. We always had to be quiet and not talk or say anything. We had to get up at 6:30 am every morning to leave the house so his roommate wouldn't find us in the house and we would walk to the park and stay there all day and night with nothing to do. I had gotten pregnant during this time period and that didn't make anything better, he made me get a abortion. Then i had a meetme and i met this guy that let me stay at his house and went and stayed there for the weekend and he raped me while I was pregnant. My life was hell and I had no one.

At the end of June I moved in to this old couples house and my life turned around for the better I got my family friends everything back,I started going to church and it has helped me go through so much and it's made me closer to the Lord. And I've been more happier,and feel more Healthy.

August i met Mike I didn't really see anything I liked about him at first just was a friend of the wife and he stayed at the house for a while and helped with cleaning and fixing up the house he flirted with me a little bit but I brushed it off. One night I was venting to him about my ex boyfriend and he told me look at the stars aren't they pretty and he was actually looking at my butt and then we ended up kissing and etc.
We ended up dating and it just didn't feel right it felt more like a rebound then an relationship plus the age was a issue. He ended up becoming very obsessive and stalking and just very unbearable to be around. I ended things with him and he still trys to be with me.
2017 was defentily a changeling year for me and I'm very blessed to have overcome all my storms and tribulations in that year.

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kate says:
27 Feb, 2018 02:17 PM

I'm very happy you are getting better. may you continue to find love, strength and confidence in Jesus. I'm glad you found Jesus cos he alone can truly love and comfort us. wishing you all the best Bella. I'm with you in prayers.

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Ariana says:
17 Mar, 2018 04:57 AM

I Am So Sorry To Hear (REad) What you have gone through. I hope and Pray to God That Everything that you've been through dosent tak over your life...JUST REMEMBER S T A Y ~~~ S T R O N G

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Paige says:
22 Mar, 2018 05:32 PM

Wow. I’ve read this story a couple of times. It’s sad. I’m glad you came over all that. It sounds crazy. I’d never be able to get over it to be honest.

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