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14 Oct, 2017 06:54 AM

There is this guy,I met this year and things started a bit too quick with him,here's the story about him.

One day,I was fighting with my boyfriend,and I was venting to him about it and it felt good to talk to someone on the outside of the situation looking in,we talked for a couple hours and that's when I found out he had a crush on me,I was looking at the stars and he came up from behind and put his Arms around me then we started kissing and touching each other.

The next day I got his number and texted him, I didnt want to feel like I was being used so I made it very clear to him that I wasn't looking for a hookup well to my surpise he wasn't either,I got home from church and we were outside talking and he went into his room and told me to go in their everything happened so fast and the most embarrassing moment was my landlord caught us.

A few days go by we are talking like crazy hiding what we had started,I didn't know what it actually was between us,he tells me that he's falling in love with me it caught me off guard because I didn't feel that way and was completely shocked.We started dating and he was giving me gifts and made me feel special.

I was conflicting on everything that was going on considering my ex was still trying to contact me and his anger was scaring me and pushing me away along with his clingyness so I ended things while I still could.and hes madly in love with me and it makes me feel bad I do Care for him but he's just too clingy.

We still talk,but I think its just best that we only be friends than anything at this point because if I try to be with him it causes so much drama and conflicts that I don't need,he's a very sweet great guy its just I can't be with someone who has such a short temper and someone who's just angry all the time and gets mad at me if I dont let him touch me kiss me in public or gets mad if I walk ten feet ahead of me.

He's tried to tell me what I can and can't do and we weren't even really together for a period of time but I honestly feel like I'm in a huge love triangle.

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