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10 Apr, 2017 08:49 AM

This guy I'm about to talk about is sorta different from the other guys I have mentioned but hes also far worse,His name is Chris.
We met on meetme and at first I realized that hes my cousins brother that no one ever talked about,I started talking to him just to see how he was doing, well things led to a while different topic and we ended up seening each other one night.

This particular night, he picks me up and we had sex didnt expect that to happen and I was amazed star struck,I started having feelings for him right away.
Then just from their on you say I was a love sick puppy I was in love with him more than anyone I ever have been he was my everything but I didnt know about his dark side ittl later on. He started choking his ex girlfriend numours times I didn't do anything and I should've but she always tried to go back to him. Finally one day she had to move out of her apartment and they went their sperate ways. And it always drama with them.

I've been through hell and back with him and he has made me have a miscarriage left me at a park to walk across to the hospital could've died he made me have a abortion and wasn't even there for that was in reno with some girl.

On Halloween on our way to his friends house he tells me that his ex girlfriend found a girl and her name is Dasha and she and chris had fucked and i was devasted I wanted to hit him so bad but couldn't I met that girl the same night and I hated her for sleeping with him but she didnt know that we were dating he didnt mention me.

We became friends after a while and I guess you can say me and her were dating chris at the same time worst mistake of my life,he started to show me more Care and love and pushed her to the side and so things just got bad and I got kicked out of my house and he was sneaking me in to his friends house and dasha hated that she hated that he would fuck me and not her so it was a jealously thing of course .

Things got bad recently,and we are completely done he threatned my life and after that I called it quits and I really hope he gets what is coming to him.

Tags: Crazy, Crying, Sad
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