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Best Friend Breakup


06 Feb, 2017 02:44 PM

True Story

Okay, sooo to start this of I have lost I believe 3 friends, and they were super close to me, BUT,yea but.
I'm home schooled, so to get over being alone (besides bro and mom) I played Minecraft. Around the middle of 2015 I met this person named CertainPath59---(I used my bros friends account cause I didn't have one) but I found that username and it had a BajanCanadian skin. After about the end of 2015 the CertainPath59 person said they were actually a girl. (mainly because I said I was using my bros account)

Her actual name was Kathy, and she is Asian. After a while I met this person named Mykah--(Transgender dude ;ppp) When I was talking to him one time while we were playing X-Run we met this person with the username of Wolfgirl999. She typed in chat-"Anyone wanna Skype?" AND MYKAH BEING STUPID said yea. Wolfgirl999, we call her Wolf now, 3 months after that day she met this person named Ella-(Hated her the second I heard her voice) Ella BLACKMAILED WOLF INTO LEAVING 3 TIMES 3. The third time I told her I missed her and she said she didn't, she said she had to say that and after that moment she started crying. BUTTTT me and Wolf are friends now. (Probably me last friend)

Kathy--For the Kathy part of the story, when Thanksgiving came in 2016 Kathy left for this jerk of a crew, and now when I try to talk to Kathy well, she calls me an annoying bitch. yaaaaaaay.

I met this person named Ellen on Minecraft, and I got her Skype, she said she couldn't talk to me on skype. A while after that she removed me from her contacts. BUT then we met up again, had fun awesome times with Wolf and Kathy Ellen and Mykah for a while. That ended after a few months, seems that no one can have over 3 good friends. Anyway, Ellen left not to long ago, but she stopped talking to us for about a week but she still texted us, we talked to her for 2 days, but 3 days after that Ellen stopped messaging, stopped talking to us, me and Wolf, we were worried cause no one was talking to us for 3 whole days, SO being the awesome person I am, I messaged her mom on messenger >:DDDDD, she said Ellen was fine. Wolf posted a pic on insta that Ellen was ignoring us cause she was and we wanted to get her attention. Ellen messaged on that post:"I deserve a break, all I do it talk to you guys, posting this was really immature." Something like that anyway, but I sent a pic to Ellen but she didn't respond like usual, Ellen posted that pic on insta! TO INSTA!! To show off the picture to everyone I know. My thoughts were-"And you said Wolf was immature, HAH nice joke." XDXD and I told her mom, she got iiiinn trouble, I know thats not right but still, Ellen was awesome till something just kicked in her that day.

Ella, I mentioned her yea? Her and Wolf were good friends till Ella met me and thought I was better than her-"HAH" but uhm thats why she blackmailed Wolf. And her and Wolf were still friends near Christmas and stuff in 2016 but, Ella left Wolf on Christmas Eve. because Wolf said that was her favorite time of the year. Now Ella says "Tell people you left me." Which is messed up but I mean, Wolf has me.

There's 1 more person left but I don't wanna talk about her XD
At least I have Wolf, and I looove her very dearly.
Yea thanks for reading, or looking, or skipping through stuff, you know deeeeh skips. yea okay bye

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Manoj PB Roy says:
02 Apr, 2017 03:15 PM

love doesn't come comes with somuch grief for you...but sometimes we thought it learn us to trust any other but for me love is

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Ella says:
02 May, 2017 09:41 PM

Oh hi Bitch its ella i hate u so much and want to kill u love you ? Ella

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Milan lg says:
19 Sep, 2017 12:04 PM

It's really a heart touching one

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