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Camping Trip


18 Dec, 2016 04:25 AM

Once there was a boy. He had quite an experience with love, and with that breakups. He was confused on his sexuality and went out with a boy, they were a cute couple for about 2 weeks then around came a trip, a camping trip.

Once there was a girl. Nobody really liked her. She had a reputation of blowing off guys, so she was called a slut or whore most of the time. One of her best friends was going on a camping trip so she thought it would be fun if she went too.

The time came around and on they went on a bus to the campsite. The boy and girl in the back, and 5 others scattered around. The boy and girl had fun in the back, listening to music, telling stories and eventually face to face. They glared into each other's eyes but the guy thought of his boyfriend. So he just rubbed their noses together. The girl went to sleep and the boy regretted doing anything. His boyfriend wouldn't know. So he kissed her dreaming head without waking her up.

When they made it to the campsite they all got suited up for the cold and the boy and girl met up again. The whole time they held hands and kept each other warm. Made a fire, cooked food in the fire pit, went off trails. It was perfect. The boy confessed that he loved her and waited for a response.....he got a kiss. They walked to the rest of the group and played truth or dare. She was dared to kiss the boy and did it without hesitation. "wow", the boy thought, "twice, she must really love me".

Other people from different schools were there too. We all met up in a tent and talked and told stories about funny things. The boy walked out because it was getting too crowded. Outside he ran into another girl he knew, she was awkward but not afraid to speak her mind. They sat next to each other and talked about their feelings. The girl said that she had a crush on him and started crying. He gave her a hug. After a while he walked away and laid down on the cold grass. Above there were millions of stars looking back at him. He dozed off until morning.

When he woke up everyone was talking about last night in the tent and he was confused because he thought not a lot had happened once he left. After 2 mins of overhearing things he knew what happened. His girl that "loved" him made out with a different boy. He was heartbroken. Everything that he wanted and thought was true...wasn't.

She said she was sorry. Nope he didn't believe it.

Once he got home he texted his boyfriend and told him everything. EVERYTHING. They split and he hated the boy the rest of the year. The girl was no longer in his life anymore until he thought of the bus getting there. if only he had kissed her, would all of that had happened?

The ex-boyfriend had started to cut again and wanted to die.
The girl was still a slut.
The boy just wanted love.
A friendship was shattered.

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