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Too late


12 Dec, 2016 05:33 PM

This girl i really liked, was going to a party with me and the rest of our class. We were friends at that time, but i wanted something more. We were teasing each other for fun and all that, but i stepped over the line the day before. The others in the class were teasing us that we were togethers and tagging us in romantic things togethers. Everybody knew and knows i have a crush on her. We usually talked a lot together, but the past weeks, she had been ignoring me, so i wanted to talk to her. I didn't knew what to talk about, so i thought we could argue, and i started teasing her with being a sexist (just for fun, cause she does that all the time). My friends and i started going with me and even when she said stop, they continued.

Someone from the class held a party before the party and she came about an hour late. She had been mad the whole Day, and when she came she was really mad at me. I started talking to her, and apologizing to her. She accepted my apology and we started playing beer pong together, i was a bit drunk when she arrived, but we won, and we gave highfives to each other and when we won we hugged. I thought everything was cool between us.

When we got to the party i threw up on the Way in a bag in the car. I managed to get home and Wash my face and get new clothes on and get back to the party. At the party i danced with her and talked to her, which was really fun. But later on i got away from everybody, and thats when i later on found her. I had all opportunity to talk with her before and tell her how i feel. One of the girls had made a kissing competion and the Winner won something and the loser had to do something stupid. The girl i liked was a part of it, but i wasn't.

When i found her she was exchanging snapchats with some guy. After that they started making out and he was grabbing her ass. They made out for about a minute or more, felt like an eternity. The girls from my class took a video of it and afterwards a picture of me and wrote that i was sad, and put it up in our class chat. The next hour i spent punching the Wall and Walked around asking everybody to punch me. When i was sitting Down punching the Wall, a girl from my class tried to comfort me, but it was too late. The next Half an hour i spent staring at the girl i liked.

When the party was over we decided to walk to McDonald's, my class (with her) Walked, and i walked 20-30 metres behind them. When we got to McDonald's, they all sat together, but i couldn't sit near her. I sat by myself. Two 5-10 year guys older than me, talked to me and asked What was wrong. I was sad and they started to getting in trouble with my class. At last i Joined Them and pretended nothing was wrong. We were about 10 guys and girls. I talked to everyone - even her - with a normal voice. She was the first to leave. At last it was only me and my friend who should sleep at my house.

The next day we woke up and when i talked to him i said that it was a good party and i pretended to be happy. Even when i talked to my mother she asked if i was okay, i said i was fine. I spent the whole day making a sad playlist with songs like mad world and the A-team and let her go and listening to it while i cried. I also started searching through sad quotes, and started watching "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, and keeped punching the wall". When i was going to bed I continued to listen to sad music, and started crying for real with water coming out of my mouth and snob out of my nose. I cried myself to sleep.

Tomorrow i Am going to School - with her. My mom ain't home now and not tomorrow, so i thought about skipping School, but i have to get over it because i have to go to School with her for 2,5 years more, but i cant. I cant.

I have never had a girlfriend, but this is the first girl i have really started talking to, and i really like her.

I don't know What to do. I dont wan't to talk with her again, but i like her, even as a friend. She was drunk when they make out, and i dont know if it was revenge for What i did the Day before. It was too late. I was Too late.

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Julián says:
07 Feb, 2017 02:05 PM

I try to be direct with you, she doesn't t love you. Let her go you don't need feel a lot of pain if she doesn't like you it's not a problem. You need change your mind. You need to be a son of bitch and search a lot of girls not only one. I had the same problem, but I change my mind and now she is looking for me and I only had sex with her and no more. This is the secret.

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jack says:
08 Feb, 2017 09:54 PM

know how you feel but know matter how hard you try its to late if you try to get her back youll have her back for a short time, what would you rather do have her for a moment at let her leave just as quick or would you rather have to just live with it.

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jack says:
08 Feb, 2017 09:56 PM

know how you feel but know matter how hard you try its to late if you try to get her back she leave you just like mine left me

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Adedeji hammed says:
08 Feb, 2017 10:32 PM

Nice one

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Amber says:
13 Feb, 2017 06:40 AM

OMG I CRIED!!! No joke girls can be cruel and so heartless and Im a girl..I hate it when girls do such these like hhis makes me mad and sad....

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Tahnisha says:
16 Feb, 2017 01:52 AM

That was really emotional... Even reading that at school makes w

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Christoper says:
17 Mar, 2017 08:07 PM

dude stop

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Nafae says:
07 Jun, 2017 08:37 AM

try to talk to her why she do something like that , and ask her do u love me if she said yes , so u have chance to change the past and make new paper with her and if she said no then u have two options either to make here love u by try to make the possible for her or leave her and find another girl that have pure history and wanna find a true love who can protect her .... just believe .

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