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Till the day i die


25 Sep, 2016 11:48 PM

This is a fantasy story.
Night looks up from his sleep rubbing his snout "hey Byzil its morning"
A snow white dragoness in a tree nearby looks at him sleepily "okay" she jumps down and pokes him playfully
Nightstalker's mind buzzing with thoughts 'maybe tonight, just maybe i can tell her' He stands up and nips her talon "okay quit poking me im up" she giggles "you got it wrong its sunset" he rubs his eyes and looks at the sun "uh oh right sorry"

Byzil pulls on his wing "thats why your name is Nightstalker the night is the morning for you" she runs off where night tackles her by a lake lit up by moonlight. "I got you" he gives her a toothy smile, Byzil blushing making him get off "whats wrong?". Byzil sits up a bit and sighs "i-i... i have something to tell you" He tilts his head "yes?". She rubs the top of her head against his lower jaw "i-i... i love you night, ever since we met by accident ive been hiding my feelings, and i-ive never felt this way towards any other dragon" He smiles and puts one wing around her smiling "i love you too Byzil" She looks up at him with a tear rolling down her cheek "r-really?" He nods "yes", he lowers his head a bit and pulls her into a kiss, their tails twining together as their tongues touch and twine together aswell "till the day my soul fades from the memories of the ones who knew me, till the day my name fades from every scroll that mentiones me, till the day my soul fades from the void i will love you"

That night was eventful, they bonded their souls together as one under the light of a full moon.
A few years later.
Night stretches as a small ball of scales tackles his face "Daddy daddy!" Night smiles "yes shade?" He pulls his daughter off his face and tickles her "night thats our only dragonet, be careful" Byzil walks up to them.

"Aww come on byz im trying to have fun with our daughter" he gives her a toothy grin then growls when he hears something in the bushes "Byz... take shade... and move... now!" She nods and picks the young dragonet up as night stands in a defencive position "go..." Byzil starts running as she realises what night sees in the bushes "be careful my love!", Night bares his teeth as three dragons step out, one flicking its tail mumbling "dont let her get away, i got this one" the other two nod and run after Byzil "you hurt my mate and daughter, i'll-" the larger dragon snarls "kill me?" A shriek of pain echoes from a distance "NO!" Night lunges past him, his tail reaching supersonic speeds as it slices across the older dragon's throat, Byzil falls to the ground, her eyes carved out and her stomach cut down the middle, shade beside byzil, broken and bloody "my love" he cries as he holds her head in his talons "dont go, byzil dont! I-i dont know what i will ever do without you" she weakly speaks "im... s-sorry night d-dont cry... please... w-we will see eachother someday" Night holds his head against hers "no byz dont say that! Please... i need you!i-i need you" he cries as he feels her last breath against his neck, he looks at his daughter "n-no..." Night gently rests Byzil's head on the grass as he feels his flame build in his throat, then releases, watching the flames take the two bodies "i-i'll see you again some day..." he looks down "winds of change, sands of time take my family take my strength may the dragons of the past welcome you with open arms, sit at the table with all great heroes of the past. Please know that i love you now and forever, my heart and my soul are yours to take" he sighs "im already dead inside" He walks off away from the flames.

Night passes away from heartbreak a few days later, holding the necklace Byzil gave him. Some say he still roams the forests where his family died some see the death of Byzil, hear her singing to the young dragonet as Shade's life slipped away

"Oh my sweet child don't be afraid, close your eyes listen to me, listen to the sound of my voice. Dont be afraid you'll see me again, dont be afraid, my sweet child i'll hold you now, i'll hold you forever till my last breath, so listen to me and you'll be okay..."
The song has more but its muffled with tears

People say they watch night burn his family in respect, some see him play with his daughter like nothing had happened, night comes when children are lost and afraid, mothers have reported a dragon walking their child home hug their baby and look up to see the large dragon gone

Tags: Love, Loss, Fantasy, Family
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