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24 Jul, 2016 02:24 PM

nce upon a time there lived a girl named Beth. She was a youthful girl of 21 years old. She lived with her parents and siblings~ everyone used to love her. She was in spotlight everywhere she used to go because she was pretty and had charming personality. Even though she was a bit chubby but her personality was so mesmerizing that people wanted to be with her as long as they could. Everything was going well~ when one day she meets a guy~ a guy of her dreams~

Charles was a 24 years old Medical graduate~ He was living an independent life in London though he belonged to a very rich family. But he always wanted to do things on his own without anyone’s help, so here he was living a peaceful life on his own. He had everything one could think of but there was one thing missing in his life and it was true LOVE. He always wanted true love to be a part of his life but unfortunately it never came into his life till this day. But he didn’t know that all this was about to change.

On Sunday of January 11th 2015 Beth along with her friends went to the Alpine for skiing. Beth was an adventurous person so she loved sports especially skiing during winter was her favorite sports. It was a normal day for her. She had been here quite a few times before too but she didn’t know that this day had something special for her… or maybe something worst.

Beth started skiing when suddenly there was a an avalanche. She didn’t get time to assemble or think about what is going on. It was just too sudden for her. She saw tons of ice coming from top and next moment she was under that ice… unconscious

When she opened her eyes she was not under the snow but she was on bed….not on a hospital bed…. She struggled to get up when man’s hand put her back on bed…she couldn’t see properly. But she was scared. She wanted to say something but word couldn’t come out of her mouth.

There was silence in the room for some minutes. Bur then he broke the silence and said “don’t worry… you are safe here. I am not going to harm you. Feel comfortable. You need some rest” and again there was silence in the room. Beth finally assembled herself to say something but before she could say anything he left the room. And she was alone there again.

Charles was standing against the window of his lounge. It was raining outside. Apparently he was looking at the water droplets and enjoying the rain but his mind was somewhere else… thinking about something else… something more important than anything else. He tried hard to deviate his mind but he couldn’t help it. So finally he gave up and let his brain think about it.

It felt like ages to her before he came back again in her room. Now it was dark in her room. She could only see that a man is standing at the door maybe hesitant to enter the room. Then she heard the same voice life before “can I come in? are you sleeping? ‘There was silence for few seconds and then she replied, ‘come in I am not sleeping” and finally there was light in her room. It was too much light for her eyes to bear because she hadn’t been in light for some time now but after few seconds her eyes adjusted to the light. And the first thing she saw was him.

He was a tall handsome guy with perfectly build body. He had sea blue eyes and brownish black hair. He was a perfect man one would want. Without knowing she kept starring at him when suddenly she was distracted by a voice “ erhmm erhmm…. I was wondering if you are feeling well or not. I am so worried about you. You were unconscious for whole one day…and….” Before he could complete his sentence Beth interrupted him “who are you? And why am I here? I remember there was an avalanche and I was under it. So…. So how come am I here?” he smiled for a second and answered “I am Charles… Charles Bremen. Yeah you were trapped in there and I recued you. You were in a critical situation you were suffering from hyperthermia and there was no way I could reach to any nearest hospital in half hour. We didn’t have much time so I bought you here. It is my home here. And plus don’t worry I am a doctor so you are in save hands” he started laughing as soon as he finished. “why are you laughing? And well thanks for saving my life. I’ll treat you with a nice dinner when I will be out of here…..and…. by the way I am Beth… Beth Edison. Thanks again” Charles replied, “Well you were staring at me continuously while I was talking so it made me smile because you looked so cute. And you want something to eat? It’s dinner time. Well nice to meet you Beth” he smiled again.

Beth nodded her head in yes and he left. She felt so embarrassed …. She has never stared at anyone like that…then why him? She wanted to rewind the moment and undo what she has done. But well it never happens in real life.

At dinner table both of them were quite. Beth was quite because she was embarrassed for her behavior earlier but Charles was quite because he saw that she was embarrassed after what he had said to her. So he didn’t want to make her upset anymore so he kept quite.
Five days later she was finally able to move without his help and as he had said that he would take her home as soon as she would be able to walk herself. So today was the day for her to leave. But there was a strange sadness in the atmosphere. Maybe they got used to each other’s company. She didn’t want to leave but she had to…. Because she was not sure if he felt the same or it was just her.
There was an awkward silence in the car too. Charles played some music but then turned it off. Nothing was feeling right… it had never happened to him before. She was just another girl ….not even his friend then why was he feeling like that? He shook off all these thoughts and kept driving. He dropped her at station and it was the last time they saw each other. They didn’t meet or saw each other for a long time.

Charles just couldn’t forget her… the image of her when she was in his arms while she was unconscious kept haunting him like a ghost. She was like a little angel with those golden brown hair and closed eyes. What if she was chubby… she was just so innocent and cute. Just like an angel from heavens. No doubt he was missing her so badly. He wanted to see her… see her just one time and let her know that she has casted a spell on her. And he can’t forget her. But his wish didn’t come true for a long time…

Beth on other hands couldn’t forget him either. But she finally forgot him because she knew how handsome he was and she was just another chubby girl~ why he would like her. So it was comparatively easy for her to forget him.

They say time heals everything ~ so here was the same case. Both Beth and Charles forgot about each other may not entirely but more than enough to carry on with their lives.

It was later in summers of 2015. Charles was at a club with his friends totally drunk. It wasn’t the first time for him to get drunk. On weekends it was more like his hobby to drink with his friends. Tonight it was same too. But there was something special that that night holds for him. Unaware of it he kept on drinking like a fool. A lot of girls came near to him to try their luck that night but all of them were rejected. He wasn’t an easy man. He went to dance floor to dace and there to his shock he saw someone he wasn’t expecting to see… not now…not in that condition. It was Beth she was drunk too.. but worse than him. She was dancing crazily. He couldn’t see guys coming close to her touching her. Out of his conscious he went there and he took her by her arm and went out. She was shocked by this sudden move. She was just so drunk to understand anything.

He drove her to his apartment he couldn’t decide whether he was doing right or wrong. He just wanted to protect her. The moment they got into his apartment. Beth said only one thing, ‘where were you all these months? Why you never showed up?? I missed you so much. I tried hard to forget you and I did forget you a bit but you were in my mind every night I went to sleep only your face was in my mind…back then and even now.. I am in love with you jerk’ with that she started looking at the ground. She was crying silently. Then he spoke up ‘it is not only you who feels like that. I feel the same too. I couldn’t forget you. Really… I ….. I love you…” he holded her chin and lifted it up and looked into her eyes and repeated the words “I love you so much Beth” and after then he leaned on her and kissed on her lips. She moved back. It was just too sudden for her. But then he put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him and kissed her again with passion. This time it wasn’t a one sided kiss. She kissed him back too. And this lead to what they never imagined would happen. They made love that night.

She'd wanted to touch and kiss and hold him from the day she'd met him. She'd wanted him to burn for her, just as she'd wanted him to set her ablaze.

He was pulling the negligee down, over her hips.
She grasped the edges of his shirtfront and, with one fierce yank, tore it in half.
His hand fell from her hip. She tore the shirt cuff away, and rent the seam up to the shoulder. “I know you like to be undressed,” she said.
“Yes,” he gasped, and shifted back to give her access to the other, useless arm. She was no more gentle with that sleeve. She ripped it off.

He pulled her against him, pressing her bared breasts to the powerful chest she'd exposed. His heart beat next to hers, to the same frenetic rhythm. He grasped the back of her head and crushed her mouth to his, and drove out anger, pride, and thought in that long, devouring kiss.

The ragged remains of his shirt came away in her hands. He stripped away her negligee in the same frantic moment. Their hands became tangled, tearing at his trouser buttons. Wool ripped and buttons tore from the cloth.

He pushed her legs apart with his knee. She felt the hard shaft throbbing hotly against her thigh while her own heat pulsed against his questing hand. He found the place where he'd tormented her last night, and sweetly tormented her again, until she cried out and her body spilled its feminine tears of desire.

Next morning they woke up together in Charles bed. Beth was quite embarrassed about what had happened between them last night. He read it in her eyes and took her into his arms and started caressing her face and said “it happened because we love each other. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. Just promise me that now you will not leave me ever” “I will never leave you” Beth replied with innocence and then they shared a passionate kiss again.

Days and months went by and their love got stronger and stronger. Charles and Beth couldn’t stay away from each other for long. But there was something Beth was hiding from Charles. It was her dark side, a bitter truth. She knew that if she would reveal that to him…. He won’t love her anymore. So she kept that secret well hidden in her heart. But she also knew that someday she has to reveal it to him… and it would break his heart badly.

Their relationship was so strong that Charles couldn’t even imagine a life without her. But he didn’t know that she is going to leave him alone … soon..

As the days were passing and their anniversary was coming near, Charles was preparing a surprise for her. He was going to purpose her for wedding on their anniversary. But Beth had some other plans. She knew that she had to leave him now.. So she was planning on how to leave him. Two lovers with different approaches. It was not that she didn’t love him. Just her dark secret was just too horrible … and she didn’t want to tell him this.

Beth started to avoid him. She didn’t attend his calls or meet him anymore. In fact she didn’t reply Charles for two or three days in row. He got concerned because she never did this before. Just the day before when they were supposed to celebrate their anniversary and Charles was supposes to purpose her for marriage she was out of contact. Even her cell phone was switched off…. her behavior truly gave him a shock and he arrives at her apartment and rings the bell. To his surprise a man opens the door. He had mix feeling going on in his mind. He had mixed expression of sadness and shock on his face. Somehow he controlled them all and asked the man “where is my Beth? She is not answering my calls and her phone is turned off. What have you done to her? Tell me you son of a bitch!!!!!!!!” he was about to punch that man when he said “hey dude calm down!!! What are you talking about??? There is no girl named Beth living here. I think you got it wrong.” He was about to shut the door when Charles resist to keep it open and says. “Let me check in. This is my girl’s apartment and I have been here a few times before. Who the fucks are you??? What are you doing here?? What have you done to her? I am gonna make a police complaint about you!!! You bastard let me innnnnnnnn” he shouted at him. He lost control over himself.

That guy let him and to his shock there was no one there….no traces of a girl….. He couldn’t find his girl… his Beth… his love.
He left the apartment shortly. He couldn’t believe that she has left without even a word. He kept calling her but her number was not reachable. Out of anger and desperation he started to drink like a mad name. He was driving while being drunk. He didn’t care about any rules and his own life. He just wanted his Beth back. He wanted to know what had happened to her. He had checked all the morgues in the city but. There was no sign Beth…. He was getting out raged and his driving was getting out of control. He was totally drunk and shouting Beth’s name continuously.

“Where did you go??? You promised me you won’t leave me alone ever!!! Why why why Beth whyyyyy?? I know you love me… where are you?? Even if you are …..dea ( he was crying desperately )….dead… let me see your face at least for last time… don’t leave me like this Beth please. I can’t live without you…I told you… and I mean it….. I really love you Beth..really so much my lovely Beth… I won’t live here without y…….” these were Charles last words before his car crashed into a heavy truck.

And with that, their love ended with tears and untold miseries of both Beth and Charles. No one still knows where did she go. She disappeared like fume into the thin air…. Her disappearance not only caused grief to Charles but to herself too. This caused Charles death too. And if she is still alive she won’t be able to forgive herself ever…. Never… ever…. She would be calling herself a murderer… she murdered their love and caused her love’s death.

Sometimes a simple truth is much better than 10000 lies. Which could end up like this…..

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md.sahin alam says:
15 Sep, 2016 08:48 AM

the story was really sadness and thanks put it simple language.

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Sufiyan Alam says:
03 Oct, 2016 02:28 PM

Story is heart touching but the questions are there like , " Where did she go ? " ,

"why did she leave him alone ?" .......

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Vilash says:
04 Oct, 2016 05:46 PM

Very good story

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francis says:
27 Oct, 2016 08:48 AM

it is a heart touching love story......even like charles i need a true love to come in my life.....

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Sylvie says:
08 Nov, 2016 12:54 PM

oh what pain story.

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Sylvie says:
08 Nov, 2016 12:55 PM

oh what pain story . what did she hide from Charlie?

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Danny Boy says:
18 Dec, 2016 01:13 AM

interestin story bro

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