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Overcoming the pain

SaMmy Kaur

20 Mar, 2016 12:43 PM

I met a boy, not a boy actually met a man. A mature, attractive, charming, good, intelligent man. Exchanged numbers. chatting all the time. we had time for each other i guess whole day i was chatting with him. I was somewhere special girl for him. I got priority. He was like a more than friend for me. Gradually i started liking him. After several days we went physical.. That was the awesome moment i felt. But I had a question for myself that am I doing right. Should I trust. What if this guy walks out of my life and leaves me ? ohhhh!! bullshit how can i doubt him ? He is the only guy i trusted. THE BEST GUY. As the days passes I started liking him more and i was just clinged to him whereas i knew that aftersome months he is going to leave me but still i liked him alot and didnt care about future. Three months went awesome but as our relationship was getting old avoiding and ingnoring started. Now i was like a burden on him. Although I was going through his facebook, Chasing after him, checking his last seen, Abiding for him. I was so mad at him. I was like an unwanted thing for him. He started avoiding me. Didn't reply my any message and was online whole day. What happened to him ?¿ wheres that love ? He has changed. Every day i used to cry. I had everything with him now crying for just one hug or kiss ? As i saw his face while going downstairs or upstairs, started crying. I started doubting myself. I started calling myself slut, prostitute or whore. A big guilt came in me. I was feeling guilty. Why should I feel guilty. He should have felt guilty. I was all broken. I can feel him, can smell him. He made me realize that I was used up. I was so arrogant about love. He broke my arrogance. Why expecting somethingh from someone ? The worst part is Expections. No ones gonna cry for you. I thought of moving on but that was somewhere difficult. Apparently Memories Didnt let me move on or overcome that pain. He just came like a storm and distroyed evrything My aggrogance, My pride, My heart etc. Love doesnt mean getting intimate or physicall it simply means liberty freedom. Love is caring, fighting for sweet sweet things. I was regreting my mistakes But then thought No i shouldnt regret anything. Some says that we have got a human life after many millions year So why wasting on such things ? We all have to move on, must overcome that pain.

Like a tree. as we know the dry leafs fall and new leafs come. so if a tree says No i will not let you fall i love so much. how will new leafs come and make the tree beautifull afterall New leafs make a tree beautiful. So tree let the dry leaf fall and let new and beautiful leafs come So let the memories fall and become beautiful. May be in future someone's gonna love you 100% Have patience, All things are difficult before they become easy. Why wasting time who dont deserves to be with you and your single minute. I dont need a person who sees good in me, I want a guy who sees bad in me and still wants me.

You are who you are. Why giving them changes to controll your mind ? Be strong Because Strong people know how to keep their life in order Even with tears in their eyes they still manage to say "I am okay" with a smile. People love you as much as they can use you. Their loyalty ends where the benefits stops.

And the biggest part i remember while crying that tears never gave me benifits or He never came back. While i was crying a quote came in my mind that whatever happens, happens for a good and believe me It gave me a reason to smile. May be you will get a best guy or girl in future who will love you and care for you. just wait for a right time. patience pays. We should thank them that they came in our life and made us realize that we can live without them. I was privileged. Now I am fine by me and happy. Stay Happy stay healthy.

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cliff says:
15 May, 2016 06:49 PM

true story

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Hams says:
13 Jul, 2016 09:55 AM

i was like you in my 2nd year in colege

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