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Unwanted friendship


29 May, 2015 08:09 AM

Sorry for my bad punctuation and any mistakes. Im not really a good writer but here is my story I want to tell my story so here it is

So in primary school I had really good friends by after that we all when our separate ways I tried to keep in touch with them but the drifted away except one my best friend I have know her for 7 years and we are inseparable.

but that's not my story in year 5 I moved house about 20 minuets away but I don't want to move so I stayed then after primary school I went to a close high school and I know nobody not even one person from my primary because of the distance so I had nobody so I hung out with my brother for the first few weeks because he was in his fifth year and I was only on my first, I am I very shy person but in class teacher paired me up with two other girls there names were Mary and Shildi they both didn't know each other so we where all strangers, we hung out and became good friends or so I thought.

The were mean to me, I wasn't very good at math in fact I was failing I didn't really understand much but yet the teased me about it I wasn't very good at science either I knew that I failed my math tests and they made me feel worse they said things like "Oh you failed your math test well I expected that from you, You always fail and never listen" it mast mostly Mary who said these things she never really liked me or Shildi, Mary always talk bad about us behind our backs like when ever I was away Mary said mean things to Shildi about me like is was so dumb and never passed anything and will never succeed in life and when ever Shildi was away she would say bad things about her to me like how when ever she was away she was never really sick or she overacts or is stupid like seriously pick who your friend is.

Later in the year Shildi and Mary named me the human calculator, they gave me the name just to be purely mean they asked me question they knew I didn't know they laughed at me and I would go home and cry about how no had no friends and everyone was mean to me.

I was sad and then near the end of the year Mary started to not talk to me or Shildi and we don't know why, then she avoided us altogether. Come the next year me and Shildi moved classes (Not by choice) and we lost all connection with Mary she never talk to us never looked or spoke to us and if we were walking by or something she would speed up to get away and still to this day I don't know why she stopped talking to us.

In our new class we meet Jeremy and his friends (till this day me and Shildi still don't like his friend so noisy and annoying) he was a good friend we didn't really like him at first but in term 1 our drama teacher paired us up together and from there we kinda became his friend and we were good friend with him by half way through the year but Shildi still wasn't very nice to me she though she was but she wasn't, she got better as the year continued on we are best friends but she can be mean at times. Year 8 was good but come year 9 things got bad.

Im in my third year (Year 9) and when school started Shildi wasn't there because she when on a two week cruise to new Zealand (We live in Australia) and I found out Shildi was moved from my class and felt really sad and for two weeks I just sat by myself in class and out and normally Jeremy would be close by with his friends when Shildi came back I felt a bit better but this girl named Bella failed year 9 so she got kept down was moved into the class and about 6 weeks into the term Bella and derdrie a girl who was in my class last year started Bulling me at first they uploaded a video with me in it to Facebook but it got worse as they call me names and were making fun of me and I had no one by Jeremy to fend them off I am a very shy person and very sensitive so even the littlest comments hurt me (That is why Mary hurt me a lot) and later I developed depression, I couldn't get to sleep very well, I never wanted to eat, and I was never motivated to do anything and I never told anyone, I got worse as the bulling continued and I cried almost every night, Jeremy and Shildi Knew something was wrong and they wouldn't stop annoying me until I told them what was wrong, I have a really hard time telling people what my feeling so it was hard to tell them but I finally did and Jeremy convinced me and Shildi to go to wellbeing

A few weeks later Miss Thomas one of the year 9 coordinator got Bella and me to go with her and we all talked and then Bella stoped bulling me I though it would get better but as normal I was wrong again my depression didn't go away I still always felt sad and never want to eat anything thing and the worse part was Shildi and even Jeremy were mean to me at times but not that mean even when they went being mean me to me i always doubted myself and always though that I could never amount to anything and cant do thing right and I became angry I snapped at everyone and got angry really easily I pushed away everyone even my own family I just wanted to be by myself all the time I always thought I did something wrong and generally felt bad and right now I'm almost half way though year 9 and still have depression but I have never had though of self harm I have too much to live for I know how much I would hurt everyone else if I left

And that is my full True story No one know the truth but me and now everyone who is reading this

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Lauren says:
31 Jul, 2015 07:54 AM

Hey there, I'm Lauren I just want you to know that you're amazing and I love your story (: I'm sorry for everything that happened to you but if you need someone to talk, you can talk to me on kik : saywhatxx
Stay strong!

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Tashi says:
08 Aug, 2015 09:53 PM

Hi, that was terrible what they did to you but I'm happy for you that Bella stopped bulling you and if you ever need someone to talk to you can always email me because I've been bullied too before as well. (It sucks!) but anyway thanks for sharing your story.????

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Alyssa says:
28 Sep, 2015 09:29 PM

I'm so sorry you have to struggle with depression, I know how you feel when you said you felt like snapping at everyone and wanting to be alone. Thanks for telling your story but I hope you get better and know that you are amazing. Try to seek help if you feel you really need, you don't deserve to continue to feel this way. God bless you. x

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