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My life so far


21 Apr, 2015 12:08 AM

I'm almost a sophomore in high school and I don't care if you believe me or not but my story is not your average story. I'm a artist (and I'm trying out writing) but Something terrible happened a year ago. Something that I will never forget. I come from a Mexican family and I'm learning Spanish in school but I live in an apartment next to a busy street (you can imagine how hard it is to get some sleep around here). My neighbors are Arabic and they can actually speak with their parents in another language but half the time I didn't understand what they were saying. Well it was my last year of middle school and my neighbor started bothering me and joking about fighting with me and I kinda brushed it off. Then people started dying. Beloved family members and my friends families started to die leaving me and everyone else into a depressed state. I was (and still am) tough so I was able to enjoy life... or at least at the time.

Eventually I started having weird dreams and I asked my parents about it and they knew what to say. They gave me the talk about my family and dreaming. On my mom's side people were able to dream of future events (I found it hard to believe first too so just hold on). My mom was very superstitious but my dad was the opposite but they both were talking about the matter very seriously. In the end they never told me what my dream meant but all I remember was was blood and sadness. Months later my parents told me that my uncle Andy hurt someone and was sentenced to life in prison. I remembered the dream and guessed that he did more then just hurt someone. Later I had another dream with death and beeping but this time the images went by quicker so I didn't process it fast enough. A month later my great grandma died and my great grandpa was sent to live with us because no one could take care of him. We just call him grandpa but he has made everyone's life a living hell but I brushed it off like I usually do. For a while I stopped dreaming and I was happy because seeing those images were making worry that something else might happen. My mom was busy with my grandpa so I went to go bring in the dogs. I have two dogs, Snickers (male,fat,old) and Coco (female,skinny,young) but when I called for Coco she didn't come towards me so I decided to try and find out where she was hiding in the backyard. I found Coco whimpering in a corner so I picked her up and turned her around. There was an indent in her eye and she went blind in it but the indent was small enough to be a bee bee bullet. My heart sunk as I put two and two together and thought that someone tried to hurt my dog. I was just barely able to interact with people at school but I had to fake my happiness so that people wouldn't noticed (Unfortunately I can be too talented of an actor sometimes). I got on the bus that my neighbor was on and on the walk from the bus stop to our homes he started talking to me about how annoying the dogs are and that he wished that they would just die. His tone was not a normal tone though. It was a tone that someone makes when you are trying to mock them. I almost snapped as I decided that he was the one who hurt my dog. I tried to bottle in my hatred as much as possible but the next day he said his "wanna fight" statement and I snapped.

I took it as an invitation instead of a joke and I was ready to knock him out but before I could do anything he was already inside his apartment. I went into my room wanting to punch a wall and as time passed I wanted to tell someone that I was ready to hurt and maybe even kill someone who was bothering me but one way or another I ended up talking to the councilor about my problems. After everything that happened I was sent to a physic ward where I spent a week of what felt like both hell and heaven. I hugged my mom before I was taken by some of the staff towards the farthest room in the hallway (if you could call it that). I was stripped of my clothes and was left with two days worth of hospital gowns. I noticed that I had a roommate but I didn't have any intentions of making a friend with him but later that all changed. I woke up really early and I guess I made a lot of noise so he sat up in his bed and decided to talk to me (we were going to be roommates so i didn't think too much of it). We talked about basic things like each others names and how we got there. His name was James and he was the stereoscopic rebellious teenager who smoked weed and things like that. He had beautiful blue eyes and he was skinny, normal american white, and not that much taller then me (even though he was at least a sophomore in high school). We became pretty close and he even showed me around the place and told me what to do (this was just something everyone did for their new roommates). I followed him around and I started opening up to him and I made friends with Jose (another weed smoker but this time he is Mexican) and Tyreese. James told me that Tyreese was crazy and to not hang out with him but he only got pissed when someone older than him tried to order him around. One time Tyreese was sent to his room because he was talking during group therapy and he got so angry that I thought he was going to knock someone out (but instead he took his stress ball and made a hole in the wall by throwing it as hard as he could).

James was so happy that he was going to get out one day when he got a call from his dad saying that he wasn't going to pick him up the next day... or ever to be exact. He was sad for the rest of the day but I just knew that I shouldn't push him so I waited till he wanted to talk to me. Later he got another call saying that his little sister had cancer and people under 18 can't come visit so the only way to see her was to get out. He felt trapped and so he ran into our bathroom and locked himself in there. I waited and then it was lunch time so I slipped into my room and heard James crying. I felt like crying to but I decided to do something else. I picked up a children's book that they handed out that had a lot of inspiring quotes in there so I started ripping them out. I then put them on his bed (which you could see right as you opened the bathroom door) and I slipped back out. Later when it was free time I went back to my room (and it was hard to get the staff off my back from sneaking around so I said I went to go get my diary to write in). I saw James holding the quotes and he asked if I put them there and I told him yes. He then guessed that I knew he was sad so he told me about his sister and I just stood there. I couldn't do or say anything so eventually I said that I would leave if he wanted to be alone. After the day ended I noticed that I couldn't find the scraps of papers so I thought he threw them out. I had three more days until I sent free when James ran into the room jumping up and down saying that his mom finally decided to pick him up so he would get to see his sister again. He left and I went back to my room feeling a little down. I walked back and the staff had finished getting rid of all of James' things so I felt alone. I walked to my bed and noticed that there was something hidden under my pillow. It was a note that said "Good luck in there -James" and when I lifted it I found all the scraps of papers below it. I laughed and was smiling as I walked out of my room and then I saw Jose come out of his room. I realized that James couldn't just hide anything under his bed so Jose just lost his friend without even a goodbye. I looked at the card and realized that it didn't say my name but it had James' so I handed it to Jose. I said "James left this for you". He read it and smiled as he walked away. I never told him the truth but I think that it was batter that way. The next day Jose and Tyreese left so I was alone for a day or two.

When it was finally the day of my freedom I ripped out pages from my diary and wrote "good luck in there" and left all of them on the table for everyone before I left. I kept the scraps of paper from the book and I went home with my dad. I was happy at first but after a while and even now I really miss James. I want to see him one more time because in the end I feel that he saved me more than I saved him. Of course after this I had a dream where everyone was disappearing and I didn't care until I saw James and when I tried to grab him he disappeared. I'm hoping that this is not the future and I'm hoping that he is all right but I can't stop worrying. I feel empty inside because going to the physic ward has caused me all this pain but I would do it again if it meant talking with James. I guess I'll leave on a happy note by saying that my neighbor decided to become friends and not enemies with me and I'm doing well in school and getting support from my best friends about James. I'm slowly making a book and if it gets popular then you might read part of it and notice that it is the same story (but in greater detail of course).

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