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The lonely girl


14 Sep, 2014 04:15 AM

There once was a girl named lily she lived in Oregon but when her parents decide to move to Los Angeles she is forced to leave all her friends and her boyfriend Mike.

The next day she wakes up with a moving truck it has already been packed . Her dad comes in and says to get in the car.She panicked because she wasn't ready to leave everything behind . She gets up and does what she is told . She gets dressed and gets in the car she hears the car engine power on and start to drives she turns her head as she leaves her home and then sees a boy ..... A was mike ... He is running after the car but slowly and slowly he fades away .

She wakes up in a city and then asks her parents if we were there yet. Her parents answer yes that they were here they turn left and then on the second street make a right. Her parents park on the side walk and get of the car and say welcome home. She shrugs and follows her parents she walked into an apartment and the her parents ask her if she liked it . Lily shrugs and then walk up stairs she walk in and sees her bed already their she then checks the time 5:40am it was very early her parents tell her that she starts school today at 7:00 sharp she starts to panic but I don't know this place she says you'll make freinds we promise answers her mom ins she mumbles back .
A while later she is a waken that it's time to head to school . We arrive their ridgeway high school read on top .she goes to the office to receive her classes and then her parents say their good byes and leave. Lily walked to her class and passes the restroom and she decides to go wash up and walked in no ones is in their so she stands in front of the mirror .oh ,new girl!!! She quickly turns around and she's a girl in a cheer outfit and says oh ,hi. The cheerleaders walk up and start circling her lily starts to freak out inside . So your new !yeah she replies. The girls grab her and throws her in the biggest stall and the lily starts to scream the girl grabs her and start to rip her close of she says that new girls get this. A guy comes in and the cheerleader says ''athaniel she's new and she's gonna gets it!! A guy walks up to her and pulls of his shirt then gets on her and starts to kiss her and touch her .she screams and trys to get out but she is weak and can't get herself loose. The guy rapes her and then she is left their the cheerleader comes in and starts to cut her wrist she screamed in pain. She sees athaniel pull his boxers on and then his shorts and shirt .Lily starts to tremble as she slowly dies .....
She died a while later and was found their laying naked in blood ..

She is dead .she moved and by moving she ended up being sexually raped and killed by a chear leader.

The End.

Tags: Sad Story, Pain
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Royally._.Loyal says:
22 Jun, 2015 03:15 PM

I just want to know if this is true. . . If so I feel really bad for whom ever this person may have been.

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