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15 Aug, 2014 11:42 AM

recovered ? i ask my self i have recovered from the rejection of a girl that i loved for 6 years now. To be honest i do not know, sometimes i feel like i have, that i don't care about her anymore even though she is my best friend, sometimes i think to my self that its not going to hurt me anymore then i see her with another person. But then there are times where i break down, where i need her so much in my life i actually get scared of doing something bad like killing my self. i sit down and i cry. yes i know i shouldn't be saying it out loud because men don't cry, but for her i do, i sit down and just cry, time like that i ask my self have i really gotten over her.

asking myself this question over and over again, i came to realize that i have not, and no matter when where and how long it takes that i will not get over this girl cause she was my first love, and i loved her too deeply that i regret i did so. i would have done anything for her, i would have even jumped of a cliff she it meant i could see her smile. but no matter what i did no matter how nice i was to her the answer was and still is NO.

why ? am not fat or obese, i am shape i am not short i am 5 feet inches i don't have an Indian accent like most Indians, instead i speak like i was born here, i am form a good family, i look nice not a bad looking dude, then why can't she love me or at least realize how much i love her ? what the point in me loving her so much if am never going to be with her ? why god ? why ? i have asked these questions to my self so many times and i can't find an answer.

friends say that another girl will fix my heart, that once i have another girl in my life she will change everything. the answer to that is no, once a heart is broken it can never be fixed...well at least for me, am not saying i wouldn't love her but the damage that has been done to my heart will stay with me until i go to my grave, until i am 6 feet underground. i am tired, i am fed up, i don't know what to do, i have tried staying away from her but she never lets me go, she comes and cries and that makes me sad, cause i don't like anyone crying because of me, so i don't know what to do anymore, how do i get away from this ? one i have found is putting all this anger and sadness into gym and working out. but thats not enough, i need to find something else, some one else, am just tired and helpless, is there anyone out there to save me from this ? to help me through ? i don't know and to be honest i don't think so, everyone is selfish and they all have their own problems, but still all am doing is just asking for a hand to help me out of this, some one ? please help me, i am done with this pain and sadness :(

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duzulayo says:
17 Aug, 2014 09:01 AM

my friend, it's so painful. so painful. i've loved only one girl for 7 years yet she still. . . oh i cant say the words. i feel ua pain, sorry buddy.

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Alex says:
17 Aug, 2014 11:21 PM

I've had these same issues, not once but many other times. But there is always a way to get over someone it will just take time. It took me years, and yes it is a long time. But as long as you have friends and family to help you get through it you can do it. Don't let just one person ruin your life, life is short. I promise no matter how many bad times you have you'll always have a better one that'll pick you up off the ground. Stay strong, and don't give into those terrible thoughts.

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LONER says:
21 Aug, 2014 10:27 AM

Well, I guess that's the reality. We can't force someone to love us in return. It's painful but we can't do anything about it. I am also asking the same questions before, but I can't find the answers. Right love comes in the right time. You can't find someone if you are a prisoner of the one sided love. You can give me your email.add if you want someone to talk to.

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Sonya says:
27 Aug, 2014 07:34 PM

Believe me time will heal your wounds.. but please don't lose your trust.. If one girl doesn't love U it doesn't mean that U R bad or ugly boy..but this is the life,U can't have everything U wish..U never know maybe one day U will have a girl who can make U forget the first one..and remember, what happened to U it happened a lot especially to me !..

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Nora says:
27 Aug, 2014 07:46 PM

Believe me time will heal your wounds.

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child of god. says:
31 Aug, 2014 05:52 AM

I feel you pain. I know sorta what you are going through. I like this guy for two years but he never liked me back. My best friend went out with him behind my back. I never felt so betrayed but I felt more hurt because he knew I liked him alot but he never even payed attention to me so I gave up. But now I better. I been through worst but just hold on. I now realized I dont need him or anybody else. I have god now. I now you wont like to hear this as most people don't but god loves you. All you need to do is repent like I did and accept him as your lord and savior and he will give you what you most desired is as long as you believe in him and have faith. It is not his fault you are like this. There is an enemy of the soul who likes to make you miserable but just ignore him. Come to Jesus and he will heal your broken heart like he did mine. God bless you brother. In jesus name, Amen.

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David Boahen says:
26 Sep, 2014 10:42 PM

I'm so sad,coz I'm going through the same thing,I risked falling in love n I got a big price to pay..I wonder if I can live a normal life..the pain is still too much to bear..

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