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Life of a Fool

Timothy Elifas

14 May, 2013 03:56 PM

Life… They say life is hell. Some say, hell itself comes from humanity. Some say, it comes from politics. Me, personally…? I say it comes from love. Well, no matter how much I grieve,
no matter how hard I cry… Love won’t make me feel any better. I was once believed in love. I put my trust on love. Everything I’ve got on love. I bet my sanity that my love would go on. “I have never been so wrong.” I was once betrayed by love. I moved on, knowing that I deserve better. The second time I was betrayed, I didn’t really care.

But…This time… Is someone that I love most. The one that you all may call “The Perfect Angel”.
I believed that we will love each other, Seeking a way out together for every problem, And, I was once again, wrong. Her eyes gave me serenity. Her voice gave me peace. Her hands gave me comfort. The kiss we shared, gave me heaven on earth. The warmth of our love, kept me at bay.
I love her with all my heart. And deep within the deepest of my consciousness, I’m willing to do anything to be with her. And so on… I failed.

I tried to understand… I tried to be kind. I tried everything my heart told me to do. I sought out that everything is going to be okay. That my dreams will come true. “But it didn’t” I told myself I will fix this. I told myself a million times. Of all the failure of my attempt, None leaded into a better one. Everything goes back to zero. “Missing an angel is a heartache that will never go away.” I found my love. I tried to fight for it. But what did I do at the end?
“I gave up.” I broke my sanity. Suicidal thoughts come and gone. The love I once believed,
Became a torture for my heart. Whether it’s my fault, Or it’s…. Misunderstood. “I lost.” They say when you find your love, Hold on tight to it. I hold it too tight. When I lost the grip,
I felt sorrow… The sorrow that surrounds me, Every now and then..I know the truth, I refused to believe. Until now… “My faith in you to come back to my hug is still there.”
I love you…

No matter how unloved I am in your eyes.

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ami says:
25 Oct, 2013 09:01 PM

omg soo sad

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ace says:
24 May, 2014 07:18 AM

poem is good...!

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Ezekiel says:
08 Apr, 2016 01:15 AM

it pains when the one you trully love turn back on your effort as if u are an enemies

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Kendrick says:
13 Aug, 2016 04:43 PM


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