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Lacey's Story


30 Apr, 2013 04:10 AM

This story is not a story of hope, it is not a story of love, and it is not a story of triumph. This is a story explaining how horrible life can truly be and how some people are not lucky enough to receive a happy ending. It shows how cruel life is and even though you have done nothing wrong to anyone that your life can end in horror and death.

This is a story about a 23 year old girl named Lacey and her 6 year old little boy. Lacey is a beautiful young lady with the most amazing red hair you would ever see in your entire life. She made one big mistake in her life when she was 17 at a party; she was drinking that is when one thing led to another and she ended up in the back room with a random guy. When she woke up the next day she had already begun to feel sick, but she would not realize what was going on until a couple of days later. On the fourth morning after the party she went to the nearest 711 to buy a pregnancy test, and when she came back home to use it the test revealed a positive result. That is when Lacey fell to the ground and began to break down. She was crying for about 3 straight hours and when she found out this news she stopped going to school all around.

She had missed 6 straight days of school which began to worry one of her friends Blaine, he had begun to call and text her nonstop wondering what was going on with her. After not being answered for over a week Blaine went to her house to figure out what was wrong with her, he knocked on the door to which Lacey answered. They talked for about 2 minutes until Lacey said she does not want to talk and closed the door. But Blaine would not give up and came back to her house once every week to put flowers on her doorstep until she finally told him what was wrong. Lacey was now four months pregnant and since she was pretty skinny it was not showing that she was pregnant. So when she finally told Blaine what was going on he was in pure shock, he asked if she was going to keep the baby. She replied that she did not know whether she would or not and nothing he could say would sway her to either decision. But after that day they became the closest of friends even though they did not even go to the same school anymore since Lacey was a senior in school and Blaine was now a sophomore in college. But every opportunity Blaine had between work and college he would come to hang out with Lacey just so he could cheer her up. Lacey’s life (mainly because of Blaine) was finally beginning to become somewhat good again. Sadly that happiness was short lived.

One morning Lacey was changing in her bedroom, she was putting a shirt on when her mom inadvertently opened her door and saw her pregnant stomach. Her mother began to flip out and go crazy on her kicking her out of her house saying she never would want to see her again. Lacey not even having a license yet had no idea what to do; she just was on her curb sobbing profusely. That is when Blaine called asking her how her day was going; she told him everything that had happened telling him that she was now homeless. He immediately told her that she was going to live with him; she questioned him saying “Wait, you only have one bedroom? There is no room for me.” That is when Blaine replied “I will sleep on the couch while you sleep on my bed, and will not take no for an answer.” Even though Lacey felt bad she realized that this was her best and only option, so she agreed. Blaine willingly gave up his life for Lacey; he quit school and began to work more than 40 hours a week to pay for her medical expenses, supplies for the upcoming baby, and to pay for all of her needs as well. She had never known what it felt like to be treated like a true princess; he did everything for her willingly. He never complained once and the weird thing about it was he would not have changed anything about the situation. Her happiness was his happiness.

After their doctor visit that day the told them that she was due in about a week’s time her baby would be born. Right when he was dropping her off at his apartment she gave him the biggest hug ever thanking him for everything that he has done for her. He said you are welcome and drove off since he was already late for work. Near the end of his shift Blaine received a call; it was nurse from the nearest hospital called him saying Lacey was in labor with her child. Blaine told his manager what was happening and immediately left to speed to the hospital. In the meantime Lacey was already going in to labor, she was upset that Blaine was not there but she understood why he wasn’t. After a long arduous labor Lacey’s young baby boy was finally born, she had finally realized what true love was and never wanted to let him go. After spending a time holding her baby Lacey finally went to sleep to get some rest. A couple of hours she awoke to terrible news, there was a police officer in her room with a very solemn look on his face. Lacey asked “Why are you here?” He stammered at first, but finally spit out the words “Um your roommate Blaine… When he was driving up to the hospital too see you and was in an accident hitting the barrier wall of the highway. And well… I am sorry to tell you this but he is dead sweetheart.” Lacey had sobbed a lot in this whole pregnancy, but oddly enough she did not cry. She just sat there on her hospital bed in utter depression, just thinking of how cruel life is. Not wanting to go on anymore, but she remembered that she needed to go on for her new baby boy. That is when she finally broke the silence asking for the nurses to bring in her new boy. Lacey stared in to her baby’s eyes and said I will love you forever my little Blaine.

It has been six years since that night, Lacey was helped even more than she could imagine that night by Blaine. She did not know that when she moved in that Blaine bought a life insurance plan and put it in her name to receive the money if he died. So with the money she received she was able to survive on it for a couple of years so that she could go to college and get a job. The only thing she cares about in this world is her little boy Blaine, ever since that night the only thing to ever bring her any joy is Blaine.

One night she was watching some Adventure Time with Blaine, his favorite show (basically the only proof that Blaine is really her son). She got up to start making dinner for her and Blaine, after she was in the kitchen for about 15 minutes making him Velveeta. When she walked back in to the TV room Blaine was not there watching TV, he was nowhere to be found. She began to panic running around her whole house looking for him, but he was nowhere to be found. After searching for over an hour she began to break down from fear, exhaustion, and just all of the sadness that her life has brought her with her family abandoning her and Blaine dying on the night her son was born. That is when she walked out in to the backyard to try to find Blaine, but he was still nowhere to be found. She walked back inside and into the kitchen where she found her little son Blaine dead. She just fell to the ground in pure anguish questioning god for why he did this to her. After putting her head to the ground to not see her son she looked up to the counter to find a knife. So she grabbed it slitting her wrists realizing she had nothing else to live for and not wanting to go on in this cruel unforgiving world.

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GIRL says:
06 Aug, 2013 05:14 PM

That was pure SAD

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himani chouhan says:
08 Aug, 2013 08:22 PM

I love this story because I'm alone even after i never did anything wrong but a fake person in public eyes......

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song muna says:
29 Sep, 2013 02:46 PM

just nothing to say. Totaly sad story!!

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Lina says:
04 Oct, 2013 10:14 PM

Sad story .. :(

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nit says:
14 Mar, 2016 04:34 PM

awwww Blaine....... this is love i just loved it rather than all the sacrifice of blaine was awesome

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