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A Stranger


26 Apr, 2013 09:27 PM

Have you ever fallen in love from the first sight? Or did you ever wonder if it was real? well..I can tell you it is in fact real, since I'm one of it's victims, now you wonder why I called myself a victim..well that's because nothing..happened..and I kept on wondering and wondering .. and wondering.

I have not a day in my life when I thought I'd meet someone like him. Though that day .. I felt like life was finally giving me something bright and warm, that's what I thought.., we made eye contact my heart skipped a beat. I felt like time has stopped and everything around me stopped moving. I just saw his eyes only his eyes..I loved him and I didn't get the chance to hear his voice..or know his name..I didn't care about that stuff because .. his smile made my brain blank .. just literally blank I couldn't think at all I thought I died but .. I was being trapped in his eyes .. he stole my heart and ran away .. and now I can't find my heart nor the person who stole it, I thought I'd meet him again I though he'd feel the same .. I don't know if he felt the same .. but his smile enchanted me I felt like I was in a movie .. a 1 minute movie that ended way too fast and kept me lingering .. on that chair waiting for it to replay and happen again .. but that never happened I never saw him again .. but he took a piece of my heart and now I'm broken .. the thought of me having these feelings alone is absolutely terrible I really wanted him to have the same feelings .. did he ? or did he not ? nobody knows .. and no one will ever know.

Life gave me a beautiful moment .. a moment in heaven and then sent me back to reality .. because reality is even more hurtful than hell, I keep on dreaming and I keep on getting disappointed .. I need love .. Life when will you be kind ? don't you think that I'm worth it ? give me a chance .. please .. let me meet him again let time stop again .. I want to see his eyes I want to hear his voice .. but I don't think you will give me this chance .. I'll just be dreaming of it happening to me all over again .. and I'll then come back to you Life.

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Katie says:
05 Aug, 2013 01:12 PM

I have felt that pain before you want so badly to be held in his arms and want him to call your name. Seeing him makes you loose your breath

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