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Letter to You


29 Jan, 2013 05:12 AM

Dear You,
Stay, stay, please do. Don't leave me! Don't leave by your own hand. Please don't! That's the worst way to go, going because of you. I just found you, it hasn't even been a month, and you're leaving.

You brought me so many smiles, so many tears, so many moments that will only be remembered in memories. I don't care if you think you're ugly, you think you're weird, society's monster, all that bull. I don't care. To me, you're beautiful, completely amazing, the perfect friend. You were my everything. Were....Don't leave! Please, stay. Stay for just a minute, two minutes, forever. Fate is in your hands, don't do it. Please don't! .... Time was so short, so short, too short. I made the most out of our moments, every second. Every word you said, I held on, like a desperate child clinging to mother's legs. Because, in your eyes, I am a child.

You don't know anything, you haven't seen the world. I don't care about that bull you say, I know what I know, the world I see is my world. I know you don't believe me, think it's just a joke, the love I hold for you, think it's just a game. It's not a joke. It's not a game. It's reality. Don't go, please! The trigger, the gun, don't touch it, don't pull! Stay here with me, on earth. I want you alive, as in breathing, living, moving. Not dead, buried under mounds of dirt, in a cold box.

How, if I could, I would do everything to stop you. Take the gun, restrain the knife, knock you out, anything, everything. All the things I would do to stop you is separated, ruined, by the entire land, the entire vast United States, separating us. How I cannot possibly walk across millions of miles of land, how I cannot take a plane. Cannot is such a horrible word. I want you alive and here with me, to live life as it should be. Not life in a box, life with action. Please, don't!

My words are unheard... Driven by your desperate need, desperate relief of the burden carried on your shoulders, driven by what I say is insanity, insanity caused by stress and pressure. All this craziness you hold, I say, is caused because ...pulled ...the ...trigger.

From, sincerely, regards, love, I don't know which to chose,
The girl who is left to be..

[Author's note]
This letter is in fact partial reality, for this is indeed about my friend, whom is struggling greatly, and although he hasn't pulled the trigger just yet, I am with almost and unwanted certainty that he will, and I am powerless to stop him.

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noname says:
07 May, 2013 03:27 AM

same...i hate feeling so powerless!

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Empty void says:
07 May, 2013 11:09 PM

It's been quite a while that I began returning to this site so i don't know what to say really.
I hope you will save him, everyone here is rooting for you even if they don't know it.

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makala says:
10 May, 2013 04:23 PM

im in the same boat except my friend turns to drugs...i try and try my best to help her but she shrugs it off! i feel so powerless and i dont know what else to do. maybe things will work out for the best in both our situations. good luck.

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kate says:
20 May, 2013 02:50 AM

Keep your head up (:

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Dai"ja' says:
23 Jun, 2013 12:00 AM

your a really good friend, whatever ur friend decides to do know u did all u could...he was lucky to have u

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Julianne says:
17 Aug, 2014 12:16 AM

You're not powerless. Just don't stop trying? You try and get him help! Please.

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