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I love you daddy!!


15 Jul, 2010 11:00 PM

Thank you for taking the time to read this :)

Me and my daddy have a very close relationship, and of course, I am a daddy's girl. As I was growing up, he constantly reminded me that I was ALWAYS going to be his little girl no matter what. It didn't really bother me until I got to my teenage years. You know how most teenage girls are, they like to be isolated from their parents and they like to be treated like adults. That's how I was when I was about 14 or 15 years old. We would spend alot of time together, like fishing, bowling, and ice skating. He said, he loved spending time with his little girl. This is when it bothered me.. "DAD!" is usually what I would yell when he called me this. "I know I'm your daughter and I know you love me, but I'm not a baby! Why can't you just understand that I'm NOT A LITTLE GIRL!"....

Now, at that age, I didn't realize how much my daddy loved me. I thought I was old enough to be treated like an adult, but I was only being selfish.

I'm pretty sure my daddy felt hurt when I said this, but I was so irritated at him that I thought of running away from home. Of course, I never did though.. I never had the guts. But as I got older, about 17 or 18 years old, I was really excited that I was almost an adult. As soon as I graduated from high school, I wanted to find my own place to live. So, my parents and I went to look for an apartment for me to live in. I had a job, car, and apartment. I was all set.

A few years during college, I dated a few guys, but I didn't really find the right one. But then my last year of college, I found him. I knew he was the one for me. His name was Brad. And I knew we would end up growing old together. I just knew it. We dated for a long while. Long enough for our families to meet and accept one another. I was happy that my daddy could accept him as well as he did. Before I knew it, Brad proposed. And I was the happiest AND luckiest girl on Earth. A few months later, it was our wedding day.

I can remember like it was just yesterday. I was putting on my wedding dress.. getting my hair and makeup done. As I sat there, with curlers in my hair, I suddenly had all these flash backs. I could remember, MY DADDY was there to catch me when I took my first steps. I could remember, MY DADDY was there to walk me to my first day of Kindergarten. I could remember, MY DADDY was there to run after me as I learned how to ride a bike. I could remember, MY DADDY was there to tuck me into bed and check to make sure there were no monsters under my bed or in my closet. I could remember, MY DADDY was there to teach me how to drive. I could remember, MY DADDY was there to tell me how beautiful I was before I went to prom. And now, MY DADDY will be there for me, when I walk down the aisle.

Tears suddenly rolled down my cheeks. I couldn't stop crying. I finally realized that MY DADDY was always there for me when I needed him, and I took advantage of everything he did for me. I never did know what a great daddy he was. And I was so lucky to have him...

My daddy walked me down the aisle. And I remember every moment of it. First, I came up to him and gave him a big hug and said softly into his ears, "I'm sorry for being selfish, daddy. I never realized how lucky I am to have you. I know before I took advantage of you but the truth is, I love you." My daddy gave me a huge smile even though his eyes were filled with tears as well. Afterward, he escorted me down the aisle and lifted my veil...

After the wedding, me and my daddy danced our last dance. To the song of my dreams. The song that I've always wanted to dance to with my daddy at my wedding, since I was 11. The song was called, "I loved her first" by Heartland. I love that song, because it is about a father who loves his daughter so much, and he's telling his daughter's husband that, no matter how much he loves his daughter, he will always be the one that loved her first.

Now that I am happily married and have 3 beautiful children, I now realize how much my daddy really loved me. I feel bad for what I did and yes, I do regret it. I should've never taken advantage of him. I was so selfish. I wish I could go back in time do it all over again. But that was the past, and now I have to leave it all behind me. And all I want him to know is that, I love you daddy! :)

Lyrics to "I loved her first" by Hearland. (These lyrics are very meaningful. Reading them just makes me cry and know that your Daddy will always be there for you).

Look at the two of you dancing that way
Lost in the moment and each others face
So much in love your alone in this place
Like there's nobody else in the world
I was enough for her not long ago
I was her number one
She told me so
And she still means the world to me
Just so you know
So be careful when you hold my girl
Time changes everything
Life must go on
And I'm not gonna stand in your way

But I loved her first and I held her first
And a place in my heart will always be hers
From the first breath she breathed
When she first smiled at me
I knew the love of a father runs deep
And I prayed that she'd find you someday
But it still hard to give her away
I loved her first

How could that beautiful women with you
Be the same freckle face kid that I knew
The one that I read all those fairy tales to
And tucked into bed all those nights
And I knew the first time I saw you with her
It was only a matter of time

But I loved her first and I held her first
And a place in my heart will always be hers
From the first breath she breathed
When she first smiled at me
I knew the love of a father runs deep
And I prayed that she'd find you someday
But its still hard to give her away
I loved her first

From the first breath she breathed
When she first smiled at me
I knew the love of a father runs deep
Someday you might know what I'm going through
When a miracle smiles up at you
I loved her first

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thily says:
21 Jul, 2010 12:59 AM

WOW. Its a very sweet story. Reminds me of my daddy. :)

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rashmi says:
21 Jul, 2010 10:03 AM

really it's a very sweetest story in the world

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Unannymous says:
22 Jul, 2010 03:19 PM

i LOVE this story... Thank you!

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youbelongwithme says:
22 Jul, 2010 11:34 PM

Very nice story. I'm a daddy's girl too.

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zerr says:
24 Jul, 2010 01:26 AM

very touchy...
it is my dream dad...
how i wish i had a daddy like yours...

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Tori says:
24 Jul, 2010 09:14 PM

I really enjoyed every second of reading this :)

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Lexi says:
28 Jul, 2010 02:26 PM

Awwhhhh, I loved this story sooo sooo much... thanks for sharing! :))))

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Lexi says:
28 Jul, 2010 02:27 PM

Oh my goodness, this really made me cry! Like, I was crying for hours, and I also listened to the song "I loved her first" by Heartland, and i love that song!!!! Its soooo sweet!!!!!!! :D

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alexis says:
28 Jul, 2010 11:10 PM

that remind me of my dad he is the best dad in the wrold and even though some times we have our disagrements i know that him and my will always be there for me.

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Lexi says:
31 Jul, 2010 07:43 PM

WOW! This was such a good story! No joke! Best father daughter story ever!... It made me cry so much! :') Loved it! <3

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jacquelynn says:
16 Aug, 2010 12:12 AM

that made me cry. becuz i dont have my dad but when i was little i did and i am now 14 and i havnt lived with him fur 2 years and i always remeber when i was a daddys little girl and i use to wanna go everywhere with my dad:/ and now that i dont have him i feel bad for all the mean things i said to him:/

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Lexi says:
20 Aug, 2010 10:47 PM

SOOO SAD:( But thank you for sharing. it really was wonderful:)

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caryl says:
21 Aug, 2010 06:56 PM

it really did make me drop tears from my eyes coz im also a daddy's girl

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aimee says:
01 Oct, 2010 07:46 PM

wow, how i wish my dad is still alive and he love me the way he loves you :)

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K!M says:
20 May, 2011 06:09 AM

wow,very nice really made me cry.
it reminds me of my dad who i lost.
i wish he was still here with us.
thanks for your nice story,it was full of feelings and great memorise.loved that<3

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breanna says:
12 Jun, 2012 05:15 AM

my dad died on canada day i was so touched bt your story it made me cry i miss my daddy he cried on an atv to a tree 2010 i still think to that day they wouldnt let me see him in the hospital i cry so much because of that

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Arrantxa says:
03 Aug, 2012 06:24 PM

OMG I read this story at 2:30 am in the morning. I'm 21 and I cry like a baby.
This is so beautiful. Thank u so much for sharing. It inspires me a lot. Thank u!
I also download the song and I cry when I listen to it, the lyrics and ur stories are so deep and beautiful. Thank u!

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Sarah says:
07 Aug, 2012 02:51 AM

That was a nice story but it is LOVEROFSADNESS and i didnt find a SAD point in ur story!! U and ur daddy will be together and love eachother 4ever however u are married! And its not sad! Its so nice &happy to see ur father so! Anyway, i wish u the best! And thank u ;-)

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Brianna says:
09 Oct, 2012 05:32 PM

this made me all teary eyed, I LOVE MY DADDY <3 :')

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hacer says:
11 Feb, 2013 09:32 AM

great story....made me miss my dad who's already gone....he's so sweet

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anonamus says:
12 Apr, 2013 11:31 AM

its the best story i ever read i love my dadday tooooooooooooo

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Monic says:
20 Apr, 2013 05:16 PM

aW.. but you know, I still hug my Dad all the time even though I am already 14. I am still my Daddy's little girl, and I've never thought of being treated as an adult. I don't want to be isolated from my parents, I will always love them. :D I am quite happy with my life. I love my Daddy and this story is perfect for a girl like me! Happy family <3

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Susan says:
29 Aug, 2013 02:53 AM

I almost cried, such a sweet story.

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chloe tomlinson says:
20 Mar, 2014 07:47 PM

I miss my daddy:( I will never forget the day when he made the descision to leave:( that night was bad enough until later on we got a message saying my daddy had been in a car accident:'( we were told he was writing a note and lost control. We found the note it said:
Dear chloe,
I love you to pieces and you will never leave my heart. You are my beautiful princess and always will be. I just want you to know that no matter what life does, I will always be by your side. I was there when you took your first steps, when you learnt to ride a bike, when you started school, through the tough times and I will be there to walk you down the aisle. You are my little girl and always will be. I may not be able to take you to your first one direction concert (but your mum can) turn over the letter and you will find a nice surprise. You can thank me when I next see you. I love you princess.
Lots of love,
Dad xxx
On the back of the letter were two front row 1D tickets, but I never saw him again. I went to the concert and thought about him the whole time. He will never leave my heart and I wish he hadnt left that one night, then it wouldnt have happened. I love you daddy:'( xxxx

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David says:
16 Apr, 2014 08:07 PM

Sorry for you're lost Chloe

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