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The Deaths of World War 2

Cha Cha

16 Apr, 2010 06:34 PM

Love can be a complicated emotion. Especially if you're the one experiencing it. Soemtimes, heart-break can be life-shattering. The reason we were placed upon this Earth was so we could reproduce, and carry on the human race. We have abused that power. We have sex for pure pleasure of doing it. It makes some people feel special, important. True, some women aren't ready to get impregnated yet. We should wait until we're around 30 years of age before we settle down to have children. We should enjoy the gift of youth while it is suitable. The following story is an example of why such a rule should be followed:

Explosions came from nearby. I ran, sobbing, over the lawn, hating myself for being so weak as to run. But knew I couldn't do it. Army training hadn't been easy, but I'd gotten through it. Now, it was the real thing. A real war was going on, a war which would later be entitled: World War 2. There were real bombs this time, real enemies to fear. Suddenly, something came shooting through the air towards me. I gave a squeal of horror that was lost in the endless battle cries. A disembodied limb sat in front of me, bloody and mangled. I began to shake, and fell to my knees. Something white-hot grazed across my forehead, just missing. A few seconds later, Jack McConnor skidded to a halt beside me, armed with a rifle. "Get out of here!" he yelled. "You'll be the ideal hostage!" he added. I nodded to show that I understood, and fell into his arms. "I love you" I murmured. He opened his mouth, and a bomb exploded right next to us. Jack pushed me out of the way, and while his attention was elsewhere, someone shot a bullet clean into his back. The expression of horror and pain inflicted upon his face is forever inflicted on my memory. I fled from the battlefield, still numb with shock. Tears were sliding down my face, and I was splattered with blood.
It was 6 long, lonely years before the war was over. They retrieved as many bodies as they could, but no one ever found trace of my Jack. I am an old woman in my seventies now.I cannot remember my birthday. Never will I forget the face of my beloved.

I hope now you have better understanding of the atrocities of World War 2 and the many deaths. You may know someone who was in that war. If so, cherish them for as long as they live. You can never really know the pain of losing someone you love unless you have actually lost someone. Never ever forget them.

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fireworks11259 says:
09 May, 2010 03:04 PM

I have never lose a love one through death but i have lose one though heartbreak

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