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Black Dahlia


14 Apr, 2010 01:47 PM

There was a passage of my life where a spirit haunted me. Everywhere I went, trouble seemed to follow. And always, always, someone ended up getting hurt. An example of this was on a fine summers morning. My friends, Kayliee and Jodie, invited me out with two boys, Patch and Gabriel. We were all lazing about on the grass, chatting, when it began to rain. Just a moment ago, the sun had been blazing down on our faces, and the next, heacy drops were splattering on our faces. Kayliee began to shriek. I glanced at her, and froze in horror. She was stood just next to me, and our arms were just touching. Her whole body had clenched up, and she was gazing around with wide-eyed horror. Then, she collapsed on the floor, her face blue. Jodie began to wail, and dropped down beside her. "Don't touch her!" I said sharply. She ignored me, so I grabbed ahold of her. She fainted immedietly, her whole body seizing up. I let go straight away, drowning in horror. Just behind them, a dahlia was growing, and it's petals were a deep, oynx black.
Every time I caused a tragedy, there was always a dahlia just behind the dead people. It was a while before I realised this. Patch helped me prepare for a cleansing ceremony, but unfortunately, it didn't go quite as planned.
Half-way through the ceremony, a deep wail suddenly filled the room. My mouth was wrenched open, and something dark came shooting out. I gave a shocked yell, and clapped my hand over my mouth. What a stupid thing to do!
The shadow dived straight for Patch. It touched him directly in the temple, and he fell, lifeless, to the floor. Tears streamed down my face as I stared at him. Suddenly, the shadow dived for me, and it's hand grazed my skin. It began to burn. At that point, I collapsed.
When I woke up, the first thing I saw was my reflection. Imprinted on my arm was a mark in the shape of a flower. A black dahlia coloured in. The first thing I knew was that the shadow had been banished for touching me. I was no longer evil.
To this day, I still have the mark that showed how my life almost ended. The shadow didn't kill me because it loved me.

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SmithstaaSister says:
20 Apr, 2010 11:25 AM

Um, no offence Amber, but this is really badly written. Do you really expect us to belive that you got possesed or something? If you wanted to write something like this, I suggest you go onto a different site, and come back when you have a REAL story that is relevent to this entire site!

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Cha Cha says:
28 Apr, 2010 09:24 AM

Well, I read your story, and it's crap!

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SmithstaaSister says:
28 Apr, 2010 11:14 AM

But it was true! You're just wrecking the site with your stupid fake stories! Why don't you just go off and STAY OFF?!

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