What Hurts The Most


15 Nov, 2011 05:59 PM
You told me that you liked me.
You told me that you cared.
You told me that you'll always be there.

Where where are you?
When I needed you?
When I texted, called, or messaged you?
When I needed to hold your hand?

Hear your voice? Tell me that it would be alright?
You were nowhere to be found. M.I.A.
But then, I found you, after class.
Holding her hand.
Gazing into her eyes.
Feeding her the exact same lies you told me.
Then you wondered.

Wondered why I freezed you out.
Didn't answer your calls.
Texts, or messages.
But deep down,
Yet every time I look at you,
I fall a bit harder everytime,
But what hurts me the most,
Is that knowing every time I do,
You'll never catch me.
Tags: Lies, Unloved, Cheated
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Shivani Chaudhary says:
11 Aug, 2012 09:56 AM

my life is exctly same to this poem... l loss own love..l want to died ....but after accedent I again alive ... but only tears is my life ... .. I do soside ... but I alive .. ... I can't any thing .... because my hope my dreams my future was already fineshed..

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