Little Girl

Tiffany C.

24 Oct, 2011 08:45 PM
There is a girl who always smiles,
  Even when others hurt her.
She doesn't show the pain,
  You always see that smile.

Her eyes are hidden behind abyss black bangs,
  She never utters a word.
She's like a statue,
  Forever frozen in her fake happiness.
But if you ever see her eyes,
  You'll know why she hides them.
Tears bruise them black,
  With no shine they look dead.
Inside her you'd fine a world so cold,
  A world so dark.
Her heart bleeds with every beat,
  Her soul dies a little everyday.

It really is amazing how no one can see,
  That she's close to death.
That with her next breath,
  She could drop to the ground dead.
She stays quiet until her last,
  Before she goes.
She writes a note,
  And sets it beside her.
When they find her,
  They see her final words.
"I was a good girl,
  I always smiled and never spoke."
"I was the ghost you wanted,
  The daughter you never knew."
"I wanted to tell you,
  But you never gave me a chance."
"This is all I have to say,
  Don't forget to smile."
"I'm with Death now,
  Maybe I can be truely happy."
And with that the girl was gone,
  From those who did her wrong.
How sad she died,
  And no one cried.
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