15 Jul, 2011 07:27 AM
Night oh night you darkened light, 
How I wish I could be such an elegant sight,
These legs and arms don't belong to me,
I want to be gleaming I want to be free,
Loud and proud and oh with such ore,
I wish it was me I wish I could soar,
Race the wind and flying high,
Lift off my feet and touch the sky,
The world would be great the world would be grand,
Instead upon, I'd look down on the sand,
The sea would be just a mere rain drop,
From the heights I'd go and the places I'd stop,
I'd touch the stars feel them twinkling bright,
I'd be oh so great I'd be such a sight,
Float upon clouds and bounce along trees,
If only it could be if only that was me.
Tags: Alone, Free, Night.
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