19 Jun, 2011 07:21 PM
I'm sitting here alone
alone in here today,
The pain I feel inside
is replayed everyday,
This past life haunts me,
Every minute
All I do is pain for this,
Crying here,
onto the floor,
Weaving it's way
underneath the door,
You see my tears
so pure and clear,
By the time you get to me
This will be no more.
You can't get to me
the door is locked,
Blood everywhere
your in total shock,
You bang on the door
for me to let you in,
But I cannot.
I believe I'm a sin,
After you see my hunched,
Curled body,
you didn't want to see anymore.
You look down on me,
Ashamed you ever wanted me.
My eyes flash open,
Blurred and blind,
Begging you to come back,
As you make your way out the door;
I cry your name loud and slurred,
You left me here, never to be awaken

~~Sarah Norick~~
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Bryce says:
19 Jun, 2011 07:24 PM

so sad:(

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