"Heaven" and "Controll"


15 May, 2018 04:20 PM
"Remember that to heaven I went"

I have survived in 13 years,
But living has become one of my biggest fears.
Keep fighting although I'm dead,
Please just get me out of your head.
Death will be my biggest accomplishment,
And remember that to heaven I went.

"Controll your life"

Speak from your heart,
Your feelings is a secret art.
Show your beautiful smile,
For you anyone would walk a mile.
Fight for your life,
Even with the use of a knife.
Are you who you want to be,
Or are you as most others lost at sea?
Always remember who you are, 
Drive your life from the front seat of a car.
Be in control of your destiny, 
And remember,
Love will always come from me.
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