Live Another Day

Ben Vanhook

19 Jul, 2017 11:14 PM
Written in red ink
A pitcher of wine you’d drink
As you said “Live another day”

In a sea of tears, I was adrift
But you taught me how the times would shift
You told me, “Live another day”

Through all the hopeless nights
When my was heart falling from great heights
You told me, “Live another day”

When all my hope seemed lost
When flames blew my exhaust
You said, “Live another day”

When it was written on the wall
After I received death’s call
You wrote back, “Live another day”

When no one was around
Silence was the only sound
You whispered, “Live another day”

You told me, time was being wasted
And like an Eagle I should chase it
You told me, live another day

You told me to show you a tomorrow
Instead of drowning in my sorrow
You begged me to live another day

The only reason I’m alive
Are that those words swarmed me like a hive
They were “Live another day”
Tags: Hope, Depression
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