05 Jun, 2017 08:09 PM
I am awake but yet half asleep
My life is nothing I dreamed it to be
Everything I believed, I believed it false
My soul is stretched, my bones are bent
Nothing makes any sense, 
My voice fades into thin air
Calling out, but no words heard
My tears fall as fountain, yet the land is dry as the desert
He told me he loved me
They said they would never leave me
I knew it false, yet I believed it true            

Stuck in silence, frozen in time
My days never ending, thine heart ever spinning
Monsters under my bed, my night's full of terror
Dreams I cannot shake, this reality is fake
Wounded beyond pain, broken beyond repair
They lied, he lied, I lied
Unhappy and tormented by fate
Wake up, I say, please wake up out of this dream
Shackled by the lies, bound by my past
Poison, I feel poisoned, as my feet turn grey
Freezing, it’s dark and lonely
The cold night, never ending

Dreams turned to stone
Love turned to hate
A life I have grown to despair
A world I dread to look upon
He broke his words, he tore his vows
He broke my heart, I broke my back
I lost my way, I lost myself
Hear me please and tell me why 
This pain I cannot bear
All alone, with no words, no friend
Stuck with you, my forever is dead
These are my thoughts, at exactly 8:10PM
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