If this is Goodbye


11 Oct, 2015 06:22 PM
Seven years of love we made so true
But here we are starting to give up, we're through
Feeling tired of all the things that hurts
Still fighting hoping it still works
But whenever i reach out for you, you stabbed me with your words.

I do love you, but maybe I'm not in love with you anymore
With the love that still remains its you I'm fighting for
All these years i felt like you're the worst mistake i've ever made
But I'm staying thinking i'm the only right thing for you God had ever gave.

I'm demanding trust because i know i deserve every piece of it
Seven years i've stayed, you know the love i give in
But if this is goodbye let me tell you i love you for the last time
If being apart is the best, then let's give it a try
If for you to grow i need to vanish, then my love goodbye.
Tags: Love, Hurt, Trust, Pain, Goodbye
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Rebekah says:
11 Jun, 2016 03:47 AM

I feel you completely. I understand, you are so strong and beautiful don't give up God loved us when we couldn't love him, or even ourselves!

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Patricia Lee. Corbett says:
23 Jun, 2016 11:41 PM

Wow exactly what I went through.. Good poem

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