The hurt and anger of a fool

Kanashimi Raven

10 Jun, 2015 06:07 PM
You say You understand the pain I feel
You say it hurts, and that you can't take it anymore
That my words cut you deep, and that you hate yet love me
I wonder, how you cannot decide which one? 

You reach across the wooden table, a smile on your face
 and type the words which break me in to two
You talk about guys: how hot he is, how cute
How you would want to see him with no shirt on--

You say you understand my hurt and anger?
Then why do you feed flames with even more fuel?!
Why do you do this to me, when you know I'm dying 
from each poisoned word you speak to me all day?

You ask if I'm annoyed, or angry, 
or is it hurt you've seen within my eyes?
' Don't be an idiot,  I'm happy, can't you see?'
I wish to say that, but all I do is 'hn' and leave. 

You are naive. You take my words for granted
You think I haven't learned new ways to lie
and keep this truth from you, since after all,
What is the point of telling you, when all you see is him?

You had once said the hurt would go away with time,. 
You said the silence won't be back, unless we want it. 
You promised that you wouldn't hurt me anymore
You are an even bigger liar than I am!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   And while I could just turn away and leave again,
Run far and wide and never feel such wrenching pain
I stay, imprisoned by sweet fantasies 
and by those rare smiles you on occasions give

while at the same time, deep inside I paint my heart a darker shade of sorrow
And silently I wonder what I am gonna do
and hope that it will all be gone when I awake tomorrow
for I'm a mere fool for falling for an idiot like you..
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monica says:
24 Sep, 2015 06:05 AM

luv this I feel the same way you am going through the same thing you were going through know

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