Message to the King

Kanashimi Raven

22 Feb, 2015 06:50 PM
Your highness, 

I see my letter was finally delivered to your hands
and shall you throw it into burning flames 
then know, that these shall be my last words spoken for you   
Then know, that no more kiss shall ever come your way. 

Now, I think my pain and anger are explainable
And silence from my side is well deserved,

Don't you? 

If you can't send a page-boy with a message
or send a bird with just a couple 'f words
Then don't expect for me to sit, cry and wait for you
Don't think that I will bother with this either 

“ What? Why? How can you say that?!” 

Well, technically there is this little fact- 
Your highness the title of your 'girlfriend''s in my hand
but since you treat me just like any other friend would
Then I will act like that, and slip away right through your hold. 

Don't think I am a woman who will wait
for you to come and realize these mistakes. 

“ But your..” 

Ahh there we go again my king, 
you use my faults against me in this, 
My words and lack of knowledge in relationships
These faults I must beg pardon for this instant!

I'm sorry, I'm too shy and way to proud. 
to be all 'lovey-dovey' like all the others
But thats just not the way I am, I'm not like other women
I have my reasons and I have my fears

but my dear king, that's beside my point
This letters not about me.
I came to say just this one last thing; 

If you can't come to me when you are hurting
or if you leave me without words for days without any warnings
then this thing between us is not working
and maybe.. it's time we took a break?
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