A One-sided love

jerry harrenstein

16 Dec, 2014 10:21 PM
Loving someone is very personal and 
comes from deep within the heart.
Love sometimes heightens the senses and  
unfortunately for me I lost my senses 
because now I am paying the price for 
not seeing a one-sided love right 
from the start.

I feel foolish, lost and the heartbreak
I have now is the price I have to pay
even to this very day for not recognizing
a one-sided love right away.

She said it would not work, but I thought
it could and now I am suffering from pain
deep within my heart from not feeling a love 
that was one-sided right from the start.

Alone now I wish she would have tried my 
kind of life. I saw beauty in her eyes
and what I thought could be beauty in 
her life, but I did not see the lesson to
be had in her expression.

My love for her was strong, but she could
not see the beauty of love within herself, so
be careful when you fall in love with someone
and there is no love in return because this
should definitely be a concern.

Having a heart empty of love is the hardest 
part now and I can feel the pain slowly  
move down into my soul. I wonder if a one-sided
love will ever happen to me again? I will try to
put this in the past and hope God will watch over
my soul to the last. 

I will rise from this abyss even stronger and
maybe, just maybe my next love will not be a
one-sided love because this is something I do
not want to misconstrue for my next love needs
to ring true.
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