Grieving sadness

Robyn Watson

09 Jul, 2014 04:31 PM
My heart is weeping sadness, for the pain your going through.
Not many people understand the brokenness we do.

The sickness in our stomach, like nothing felt before. 
The desperate longing feelings, make our hearts break even more.

I really know the pain you feel, as I have felt it too,
I had my kids just ripped away, I know your pain, I do.

Even Abby knows that pain, that no young heart should feel,
Even as the years pass by, your heart will never heal.

I think of my poor Abby, she's lived with it for years,
All her pain and sorrow, and all her shedded tears.

There ain't that many children who are suffering this way.
"I know the pain your going through" people tend to say.

But no one knows the hurt inside, unless they've had loss too.
The only one who feels your pain unfortunately is you.
Tags: Grief, Loss
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