Here Comes Goodbye


07 Jan, 2014 06:52 PM
The pain drifts in, once again
The ground glistens from the rain
Winter is ending, spring is near
And soon will pass another year

I look again, don't want to go away
Yet the pain returns from today
I try to stay, but its too late
Its time for me to meet my fate

I'll fade away but won't be gone
I'll linger in shadows alone
I'll be a memory, in everything
I hope you'll remember everything

I'll be a whisper, and your hope
I'll be a passage and the rope
I'll be the sun that will never set
I know I will never forget...

I'll be the sunshine, and the moon
Though I hesitate, I'll be gone soon
I'll be the tear in your eye
But for now I'll be your whispered 'goodbye'
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