The drive

Ethanielle Mojares

11 Sep, 2013 08:22 AM
They say I should forget you
that this will do me no good
Yet I still debate if it is true
that I really should.
stop searching for another chance
If there’s already a brand new dance.
A good new opportunity for me.
yet I’m too blind to see

After all the memories
the laughs and joys
all locked up with no keys
Yet I still make a loud noise
asking you to come down
and forgive my wrong doing
Cause I can’t calm down
after the suffering

it’s already time for me to leave 
cause there’s nothing left here
yet something in me still believe
that you haven’t fully disappear
I hope I’ll be alright, 
I guess i’ll have to survive
Knowing your gone for the night
at this long ass drive

Back to my house 
where life is gray
I think this is a good espouse
cause it’s bad if I stay
should I come back
Even though it’s whack
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