Once upon a time


28 Oct, 2010 11:01 AM
Once upon a time he was nice, sweet, and warm. Comforting, welcoming me into his arms.

But now.. He's mean, cruel and cold. Uncomfortable, but still welcoming.. sometimes.

Sometimes he wants to rub up against me..
Sometimes he wants to love me..
and i let him.

Sometimes he wants to yell at me..
sometimes he wants to hit me..
and i let him

Sometimes he don't want me to cry..
Sometimes he don't want me to be upset..
and i wont be.

Sometimes he wants me to cry..
Sometimes he wants me to be in pain..
and i will be.

Sometimes he feels bad..
Sometimes he says hes sorry..
and i believe him.

Sometimes he says he doesn't care..
Sometimes he says he hates me..
and i believe him.

I love the way you lie..
Tags: Lie, Love
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