27 Feb, 2013 04:15 AM
They don't notice
the constant struggle I have
I try and try to hide the monster in me
and truth is I need to be saved

I put up a wall and
block everyone out,
everyone that cares

They ask what's wrong
I say nothing 
because they will never 
understand what really goes on 
inside me 

I am a monster 
trying to break free
from everything 
they say about me 

The wet cold tears 
dripping down my pale face 
thinking about the warmth from your embrace

Its just another way
 to try and express me 

The ugly thing I am 
the ugly monster that is me 

I need to know someone cares
that someone will always be there

The eyeliner stained pillow 
like a perfect image in my head

All I want is for someone 
to know the whole truth about me 

I want someone to save me 
from ME!
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