javier castillo

19 Nov, 2012 09:02 AM
I cannot speak as long as I am wrong
I cannot be brave as long as I am alive

How can I end a life?
How am I supposed to deal with this?

The blackness of my blood reflects
The darkness that I will always be

I am a disappointment and nothing more
I am pain and regret and nothing else

Each time I fail I am imprisoned in my own pity
Each moment of regret pushing me away from myself

When I do whats right I am punished
When I do whats wrong I am worthless

Even when others are near I only feel loneliness
Even when I am strong I feel weak

I can feel it squirming from the pain I had caused
I can feel it dying

All the cracks on the wall I have memorized
All the shades of darkness are my rainbow

and with the days going worse I say to myself 
why did you come to this earth...
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