same mistake


07 Oct, 2012 02:56 PM
I thought I had you in my grip
but you left, abandoned me
I let the blood on my arm drip
through the darkness I try to see

that same mistake was the last straw
I thought you would come back
but I see of you no more
all that I see now is coal black

the memories are cold
they lost their last breath
of nothing to be told
they whisper their death

seen whats lost, I see what I had
my heart is breaking
I see you are glad
my heart is aching

I miss you 
I love you
I need you 
I want you

but you're not here
not anymore
thin is the air
you close the last door

you fade in the mist
your fading away
I take my wrist
all I see is grey

without you I know
that I'm not strong
I let my blood flow
I haven't seen you for so long

I know our mistake
it repeated the hurt
my heart got its take
it ended up in the dirt

so the road ended here
I see you fade
you disappear
tears fall down my face
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