My Plea


21 Aug, 2012 03:59 PM
Here is my story, lets go back to the start
Me and my sis were born four years apart
she was so cute blonde and little
while I was brunette with a big chubby middle

We would talk all day with smiles and giggles
or talk in tounges with babbaling riddles
it wasn't long before our parents split
so we were force then to grown a fair bit

so we would go back and forth from mum to dad
it wasn't hard to know that we were both sad
one day it all got too much, so I ran away
I'm sorry I left and they made you stay

as years went by we both had a hard life
and we both still cant stand dads nasty wife
we both grew, changed and evolved
that's when our love for each other dissolved

see now days when we meet or see each other
it makes me wish mum had given me a brother
we fight we yell you scream I leave
you call me nasty things that I just cant believe

you're agressive and horrid you treat me like shit
you couldnt possibly love me the tiniest bit
I wish for once you acted like im your sister
instead of treating me like an unwanted blister

lately I can't belive the person you have become
selfishly demanding things from our unhealthy mum
you used to be beautifull caring and kind
now I don't even know what goes on in your mind

so little sister this is my plea 
please stop being so nasty to me
nothing more I can say nothing more I can do
no matter your actions I'll still love you.
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