Midnight call


26 Jun, 2012 11:08 PM
The clouds had cried that night
The wind blew and the trees bowed
My tummy hurt and my chest burned
Loneliness had nailed me to the wooden floor

Earlier that day the sun had brightned my fate
I sang and danced to the music of the streets
Laughter and joy encompassed me
It was beautiful,Until the shadows began to settle

The sun soon began to set
The streets grew silent
The silver globe rose
And then it all happened

I searched for my phone, found he hadn't called
All day with no message
Did he care? Did he love?
These questions broke my joy

I dialled his number and it rang
Over and over again with nothing 
but the answering tone
Its been six hours and am yet to reach him
Sadness had taken root on the inside

The night froze,rain beating against my window
I sat head buried between my knees
Eyes fixed on my phone waiting for an answer
The night grew old as I sat in loneliness

He hadn't called all day and refused to pick my calls
Just ''hello'' would have made it right
Not a word and I began sinking in sadness
This was what I needed....his voice

I miss you
I love you
This words I craved to hear
My heart was empty without them

I secretly prayed and hoped he will call
As I stared into space
Soon my lids grew heavy
The tears poured,like tea from a pot

Consumed with goose bumps
My feet turned pale as I shivered in cold
My tummy ached as the sobs formed
Loneliness had found solace in my heart

It was dawn and yet I starred ever so intense
Into thin air watching the sun rise
I soon realised my love was gone
And he was never going to call
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XxAliceXx says:
25 Jan, 2013 09:32 PM

Really great ! Loved it <3

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^Ace^ says:
20 Oct, 2013 07:17 PM


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