Broken Inside


21 Jun, 2012 06:53 AM
I'm broken deep inside.
I can't take much more.
You lie about everything.
I hate you to the core.

At once I felt your love,
But it turns out a lie.
I've lost all your trust,
So leave now and go die.

You tricked me so easily,
I couldn't believe it.
You were just so clever,
It's hard to admit.

Now that you're leaving,
I do feel some guilt,
But my anger never faded.
My heart started to wilt.

Two emotions kill my life.
I blame you for it all,
But why do I keep it up,
After all my tears fall?
Tags: Broken, Hate, Lie, Betrayal, Sad
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Jeremy Payne says:
16 Jan, 2013 10:11 PM

Psalm 147:3
JESUS sets the captives free, i know, because i (was) a captive. Much Love.

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