Long distance

The broken hearted ninja

13 Feb, 2012 07:56 AM
I know i'm stronger than this, 
No relationship's gonna bring me down, 
These tears aren't worth shedding out for. 
But even now, why do I feel so regretful? 

I gave you chances; Countless of them, 
You brought me more pain than happiness, 
But those happy times overshadowed the bad. 
There was only us in our world; Nobody else. 

Shards of memories lingered longer than it should be, 
Leaving me in pain throughout the days and months. 
I wanted to get back together, and you did too. 
Again, I know I'm stronger than this. 

My brain said I shouldn't, 
My heart said yes. 
Times like this are the worse, 
Remorse and pain accumulates in me... 

Long Distance are there to test our love. 
I swore to prove people wrong, 
Long distance will succeed. 
Maybe now I understand why some people have failed.. 

Those long hardship people have gone through, 
Did I manage to fall into it's trap? 
Was I a pawn in a chess game; Did I lost? 
Is God trying to tell me something? 

Those words still lingered in my head " I love you". 

I wonder if you'll hurt me again if I say yes, 
Knowing my heart, I know you wouldn't. 
But again, who knows what you might do? 
Even so, my feelings never change 
Have yours? 

Maybe just one more chance, 
But I can't let it over take me, 
I have learnt from my mistakes, 
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
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Arnav says:
23 Nov, 2012 03:45 AM

i wish u also know what it really mean - rakhi

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