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i love secondhand seranade
"walking away has never been an option...its not a question of choice. Sometimes its the only thing there is to do. Even if you don't, someone else will." BUt you didn't even walk away, he did. Nothing was your fault, okay? You should know that by now. Some time when you least expect it, you'll be okay. goodluck.
i was so touched by your story. I'm so sorry but you'll be okay.
I'm so sorry, at one time i was so afraid that a guy i liked had feelings for my friend...and when i proved it, i didn't know how to deal with it. i know sooner or later, they will be really close, and i can't do anything about it apart from just lie in my bed and cry every night. when i read your story, i didn't know how i would survive if it got to that. Believe me, i know how you feel, and if you ever get this, please e-mail me. I would really like to talk
if he really cares about you, he'll talk to you again. if he doesn't, you'll be okay. sorry..
thats really sad... i'm so sorry.. hope you find a way out for you and your sister, you're so strong, you're a hero. i was really sad reading your story.. i'm so sorry ...
hey Vio, i'm glad you replied. and if you ever want to talk, just email me, i hope you are doing much better now.
i'm so sorry
i'm so sorry, but u'll be okay. i feel like that too alot of times, but i have learnt that sometimes you just have to stop, and let the tears fall. and when its all over, even if you don't know what's coming ahead, you'll be okay.
i've asked myseltf the what if questions many times, thanks to your story, I know the answer now. What if u hadn't sent those a hundred sorry msgs? But then you did. Either way, it would have probably been the same ending. Point is, don't look back and blame yourself. You deserve better.
it was easier for him to blame you for something....
i guess it was easier for you to blame you for something than to just tell you the truth. But you know what, you deserve better... it is going to take long, but trust me, you'll be okay. i have been through a similar situation before, i never thought i would ever be okay but here i am, you'll be okay too...and i want you to know that you are a great person!
you're a great person and i was really touched, hope you find happiness soon.
i'm so sorry, hope you find someone soon.
you did the right thing, i have been having a situation like that too and after reading your story, i know what to do now. i'm so sorry but thanks and we'll be okay.
things like this happen, but one day you wake up and its all over...and you'll be okay again.. i'm so sorry, just know you're not alone.
i wonder if there is anyone as nice as you in the world. fight for your love, it's the fair thing to do...i'm sorry to say but your best friend is selfish!
the guy i like is interested in my friend. sometimes watching him look at her, smile at her and saying hullo is enough to ruin my whole week... it cuts my heart like a knife every time i think about it, i guess more so becuase she seems perfect for him, and he's never been mine and will probably never be...which also kills me slowly every day. But you guys were dating, you have a history and memories...i don't think i would live with that even for a day. you're very strong and i admire you. believe me, you'll find
When i was reading your story, i kept hoping that there would be a different ending...its very sad, but you are very brave. it sounds like a movie, so i'm hoping with all my heart, that some day, u'll have the happy ending that movies always have... i never knew people can be in love that much, i'm so impressed and really touched. i kept thinking about the guy i like and if we can ever get there. But this doesn't matter now because we are talking about you now, right? anyway, its been a very long time, i wonder
honestly, when i started reading your story, the first impression i got was that maybe i posted my own story and forgot that I did, that's how much we have in common. the way you describe yourself is exactly the way i would describe myself, and the way you relate with your friends is exactly the way i relate with myself. when things got tough for me, i also let him go and blocked him out of my life completely out of my life. I just want you to know that after everything, I have learnt that in this life,